Celebrity is a funny thing, and no one can pinpoint what that oh-so-special quality is that can take an actor or actress from waiting tables to the A-list. Back in the old days, they used to use the term 'It' (as in 'It boy or girl') but that doesn't really help much in the explanation department, does it? It's one of the great mysteries of our time why suddenly the world will turn its eye to a select few and say ... Superstar! So even though we could all probably rattle off a list of names of the celebs that we don't think deserve the time of day, there is the other side of the coin: the person who deserves to be a heck of lot more famous than they are, and I'm pretty sure Zoe Saldana is one of those people.

The first time this thought crossed my mind was during the infamous Vanity Fair Young Hollywood cover controversy which had some critics complaining was a little on the white-bread side, and who could blame them. I mean, there's Ms. Saldana with two blockbusters under her belt, (including the biggest flick of all time), and she was beat out by Carey Mulligan for real-estate on the cover. Nothing against Ms. Mulligan, but if you were looking for a young actress who broke out big time in 2009/2010, Saldana certainly fits the bill.

In fact, by the time most of us were discussing Saldana's Avatar co-star, Sam Worthington, as the next big thing, she'd already been left out in the cold. Now some could argue that Worthington got the better deal considering audiences got to see his face during the film, but that reasoning can only take you so far. Even without her stellar performance in James Cameron's 'game changer', she was Uhura for goodness sake, surely that trumps Worthington's 45 minutes of face-time in Avatar.

After the jump; another bite at the apple and the rise of conspiracy theories...

Saldana has the comedy Death at a Funeral in theaters right now, and then we'll get her back in action-mode next week with the comic book adaptation The Losers, which will hopefully make her a little more recognizable to audiences. Saldana really does have it all; she's versatile, she can handle supporting or starring roles, and most importantly for any young actress these days; she's extremely easy on the eyes. In a sea of beautiful, but occasionally 'blah' actresses, Saldana stands out, and even though the the rabble-rouser in me wants to blame the usual Hollywood impediments like race and Tinsel Town''s aversion to a gal that can speak her mind, something just isn't adding up.

Well, this is where we can let our imaginations (and our conspiracy theories) run wild: what do you think has prevented Saldana from becoming a household name? Sound off in the comments...
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