If you've been reading the site for any amount of time, you've probably heard us talk about Fantastic Fest. This genre film festival has been going on for the last 5 years right here in Austin, Texas and quite frankly, it's better than Christmas. This year was no slouch with films like Antichrist, Trick 'R Treat, and House of the Devil reminding us why we love the last week of September. Smaller films like Hard Revenge Milly and Merantau can play alongside bigger budget theatrically released films like Zombieland and Daybreakers and no one bats an eye. It's without doubt the greatest week of the year, and I can't wait for it to roll around again.

As much as we love it, some of the films inevitably fall by the wayside. In an effort to combat this, I've gone through all 58 announced feature films from last year, as well as the 5 secret screenings to find out where they are in terms of distribution and home video availability. I didn't include the repertory screenings, save one, the purportedly insane Japanese film Hausu, because of the buzz surrounding that particularly title and it's impending release. I broke the list in half and have created two separate posts, each with the 32 of the 64 total titles covered. Part 2 is right here.

Many of these titles are only available as import discs. Please be aware that these titles are often region-locked and encoded in a different color standard (PAL) than what we use here in the US (NTSC) and as such they require special hardware, namely region-free DVD players with standards converters. To put it simply, no, these discs won't play in your PS3. I tried to be as thorough as possible when researching these titles, but if I did miss release info on something, please respond in the comments with any additional info you may have.


- IFC picked this up for US distribution, but it looks like they may be handing it off to Criterion for the DVD/Blu-ray treatment. It wouldn't be out of the question, as they already had a deal in place with Criterion for Che as well as Hunger and other titles. Artificial Eye has already put out a region 2 DVD and a region B locked Blu-ray over in the UK. Available on Amazon UK.

Breathless - Looks like it's out on region 3 DVD, in a nice 2-disc set from Korea with English subtitles, as well as on region 2 DVD in the UK, also a 2-disc set. Available on YesAsia and Amazon UK.

Bronson - Magnet released this on US DVD and Blu-ray as part of it's 6-Shooter Film Series. Available on Amazon.

Buratino, Son of Pinocchio - Couldn't find any release info for this title, I'm afraid.

The Children - Lionsgate released this on US DVD and Blu-ray through their Ghost House Underground arm. Available on Amazon.

Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant - US DVD and Blu-ray are out courtesy of Universal. Available on Amazon.

Crazy Racer - There's a region-free PAL DVD from China, but it sadly doesn't appear to have English subtitles. No word on a US release that I could find. Chinese DVD on YesAsia.

Cropsey - Available on US DVD directly from the filmmakers right here.

Daybreakers - It had a theatrical run in January thanks to Lionsgate, who are releasing it on US DVD and Blu-ray on May 11th. Pre-order up at Amazon.

Dirty Mind - Looks like it's out in Belgium maybe? In all honesty, I can't tell what country the DVD is from, but I did find a region 2 DVD that appears to have English subs. Available on Boek, a site with which I'm not familiar.

District 13: Ultimatum - Magnolia is releasing this on Blu-ray in a 2-pack with the original District 13 here in the US on April 27th. Momentum has already released it on region 2 DVD and region B locked Blu-ray in the UK. Available on Amazon UK and up for pre-order Amazon.

Doghouse - Sony released it on region 2 DVD and supposedly region free Blu-ray in the UK. Available on Amazon UK.

Down Terrace - Magnet picked it up and are still taking it around the festival circuit. In fact, it's currently playing at the Dallas International Film Festival. Looks like Magnet is considering a theatrical release later this summer.

Dread - Released on US DVD as part of the fourth incarnation of After Dark's HorrorFest. Available on Amazon.

Duress - Apparently it's out in Greece on Blu-ray, though it may be region B locked. Couldn't find an online retailer for Greek DVDs and Blu-rays but there are a couple of copies available on eBay. Looks like it's also getting a region 2 DVD release in the UK on September 27th. No info on Amazon UK, but it's up for pre-order on Play UK.

Fireball - Lionsgate has released this on US DVD. Available on Amazon.

First Squad - It appears there's a Malaysian DVD floating around. It appears to be NTSC and region free and includes English subtitles. I have no idea how reputable this site is but it's listed for about $11 over on AnimeCollector.

Fish Story - there's a nice 2-disc region 2 set out in Japan but it doesn't have English subs and is insanely expensive to boot. Japan set on YesAsia. Also Third Window films has acquired the rights to Fish Story for a UK theatrical release later this year. Hopefully a UK DVD will follow soon after that.

Gentlemen Broncos - Fox put this out on US DVD and Blu-ray in March. Available on Amazon.

Hard Revenge Milly and Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle - released on US DVD as the Hard Revenge Milly Hyper Violence Collection by Well Go USA. The DVD includes both Milly films. Available on Amazon.

House (Hausu) - I didn't mention most of the rep films from the fest this year, but this one seemed to turn so many heads, and with a release imminent, it seemed appropriate to mention it. Eureka released a region 2 DVD as part of their Masters of Cinema series. Criterion has the rights to a US release but no date has been set yet. Available on Amazon UK.

House of the Devil - Dark Sky and MPI put this out on DVD, Blu-ray and GLORIOUS VHS tape. The VHS is just plain awesome. Available on Amazon.

Human Centipede (First Sequence) - IFC picked it up and is distributing it theatrically here in the US later this summer.

The Imagniarium of Dr. Parnassus - Sony is releasing this on DVD and Blu-ray here in the US on April 27th. Up for pre-order on Amazon.

Journey to Saturn - Out on region 2 DVD and region B (locked?) Blu-ray in Denmark but it doesn't look it has English subtitles. No word on an English friendly release as of yet. Danish disk on MovieZoo.

K-20: The Fiend with 20 Faces
- Already available as a region 2 deluxe edition DVD set and region A Blu-ray from Japan but without English subtitles, an unfortunate trend. Also available WITH English subs from Hong Kong on region 3 DVD, all on YesAsia. But wait, there's more! Viz Media is releasing the disc here in the US next Tuesday, the 20th! Pre-order up at Amazon.

Kaifeck Murder - Out on region 2 DVD and region B (locked?) Blu-ray in Germany from Kinowelt. Sadly, yet again, there don't appear to be English subs on either version. No word on a US or English-friendly release. German discs available on German Amazon.

Kamogawa Horumo - Battle League in Kyoto - Available on region 2 DVD from Japan, but crazy expensive and with no English subs. There's an English subtitled region 3 DVD from Malayasia that's available on SensAsian though I've never used that site and as such can't comment on it's reputability. However, Viz Media, who is doing the K-20 release, picked up the rights to this title and it looks like they're releasing it on US DVD as Battle League Horumo on July 6th. Up for pre-order on Amazon.

Kenny Begins - Available on region 2 DVD in Sweden but again no English subs. No info on a US or English-friendly release. Swedish disc available at MegaStore, a site which I've used and can highly recommend.

The Legend is Alive - Couldn't find any info on this one being released anywhere, though my guess is there's a Vietnamese DVD, probably without English subs. However, the Weinsteins picked up a previous film also starring Dustin Nguyen, The Rebel, and released it here in the US through their Dragon Dynasty label, so maybe there's hope for a US release.

Love Exposure - There's a sweet looking 3-disc set on region 2 DVD from Japan, but, predictably, it's very expensive and doesn't seem to have English subs. Luckily, Third Window films, who own the rights to Fish Story, released a 2-disc region 2 DVD set in the UK. Available now on Amazon UK.
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