In one of my drawing courses in grad school, there was a guy in my class who would zone out during art modeling sessions and secretly sketch women on the corner of his paper. It was obvious he was a comic book geek because all the ladies had larger than life physiques and were clad in Aeon Flux-type attire. Our instructors might not have appreciated these sketches, but the comic lover in me thought they were pretty cool. I'm guessing he would have really appreciated the gallery that turned up on The Swedish Bed (via Buzzfeed) today...

The feature, titled What if Superheroes Were Women, shows a collection of images re-imagining some of our favorite masculine comic and videogame characters in a more seductive form. If you ever wondered what The Punisher might look like as long-haired girl packing a set of big guns and wearing a belly shirt, wonder no more.

The collected artwork features a veritable who's who of geekdom. Mike Mignola's Hellboy gets turned into a delectable succubus. A female Magneto redefines (sexual) attraction by being way curvier than Ian McKellen. Meanwhile, Splinter Cell's new Sam Fisher is inspiring me to rethink my Halloween costume this year.

Classic characters like Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman also get in on the act, although each of them has a female counterpart already. What's more interesting is who isn't here – no Wolverine? Was he too hairy? I think we're all clamoring for a female version of Ben Grimm as The Thing. Seems like a missed opportunity. All kidding aside, I can seriously say that I hope no one gets the bright idea to do a male version of female superheroes gallery. The thought of a guy running around in the Wonder Woman costume is definitely not appealing ...

Check out some of our favorites below.

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