- Yes, that image above is an unbelievably detailed, miniature model of Bag End cottage from Lord of the Rings. Don't pretend like you didn't instantly recognize it.

- James Cameron revealed that his plan for Avatar 2 is to focus on the ocean of Pandora in addition to the rain forest. Given the director's unabashed love for the life aquatic, I'm kind of surprised that this wasn't always assumed to be where he'd take things next.

- And speaking of Avatar, to promote the day-away DVD, an actual Tree of Souls is being constructed in Hyde Park London. 20 miles of fiber optic capable will be used to recreate the look of the holy site as well as allow for people to freely upload messages to built-in screens for others to download later.

- Those hoping the toys-to-film trend would fall to the wayside will be sad to learn that Stretch Armstrong has gained both a writer and a director. Forgetting Sarah Marshall director Nicholas Stoller will be rewriting Steve Oedekerk's original screenplay for Monsters Vs. Aliens' Rob Letterman to direct. Taylor Lautner is still set to star as the stretchy, indestructible set of abs.
- The Losers director Sylvain White tells Film School Rejects that not only would he love to shoot his adaptation of Frank Miller's comic Ronin in 3D (no surprise there), but that he'd also love for it to be rated PG-13. I don't inherently hate the rating, but the last time something Frank Miller was involved with went the PG-13 route, it became the masterpiece that is The Spirit. Let's never see that again.

- Keifer Sutherland says the script for the big screen movie of 24, penned by Breach writer/director Billy Ray, is in the bag. Jack Bauer will never die.

- And to cap off this late evening, a conversation between Bill the Butcher and Daniel Plainview. There might be a smidgen of profanity, so be warned.

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