We're back with part 2 of our list detailing what happened to all those great films that played at Fantastic Fest here in Austin this last year. You can find the first half of the list right here. You'll find the same info as the first post below, but it is pertinent and bears repeating.

As much as we love Fantastic Fest, some of the films inevitably fall by the wayside. In an effort to combat this, I've gone through all 58 announced feature films from last year, as well as the 5 secret screenings to find out where they are in terms of distribution and home video availability. I didn't include the repertory screenings, save one, the purportedly insane Japanese film Hausu, because of the buzz surrounding that particularly title and it's impending release. I broke the list in half and have created two separate posts, each with the 32 of the 64 total titles covered. You can find part 1 here.

Many of these titles are only available as import discs. Please be aware that these titles are often region-locked and encoded in a different color standard (PAL) than what we use here in the US (NTSC) and as such they require special hardware, namely region-free DVD players with standards converters. To put it simply, no, these discs won't play in your PS3. I tried to be as thorough as possible when researching these titles, but if I did miss release info on something, please respond in the comments with any additional info you may have.


- no news on a US release yet, but it looks like it had a release in Indonesia in January, though I can't tell if it was theatrical or DVD ... must learn to speak more languages.

Mandrill - again no news on a US release, but the film just screened this past weekend at Action Fest Film Festival in North Carolina. Hopefully a distributor with half a brain saw it and will release this awesome Chilean spy flick starring the incredible Marko Zaror.

The Men Who Stare at Goats - Anchor Bay released it on DVD and Blu-ray on March 23rd. Available on Amazon.

Merantau - E1 is releasing this on region 2 DVD as Merantau Warrior. The website lists a June 7 release date and links to a pre-order page on Play.com. However, it's listed on Amazon UK with a release date of April 26th. Amazon UK also has a page for a Blu-ray, but there's no cover art and the title is just Merantau so it could be a placeholder page for a Blu-ray that didn't end up happening. Available for pre-order on Amazon UK.

Metropia - no info on a US release, but it looks like a region 2 DVD and region B (locked?) Blu-ray will be released on May 5th in Sweden. No specs on audio or subs yet, but the film is English and typically the main audio track is preserved. Sweden has no history of forcing subtitles like France sometimes does with English language releases, so this should be a viable import option. Pre-order up at MegaStore, with whom I've had good import experiences.

Morphine - out on region 5 DVD in Russian, but there's no info about the possibility of English subs. No word on a US release. Available on UkrMedia (no idea) and eBay.

Ninja Assassin - out on DVD and Blu-ray from Warner Brothers. Available on Amazon.

Paranormal Activity - released by Paramount on DVD and Blu-ray. Available on Amazon.

Private Eye - CJ Entertainment released a 2-disc set on region 3 DVD in Korea that does include English subs. Available on YesAsia.

Rampage - set for a US DVD release from Phase 4 Films on June 1st. Available for pre-order on Amazon.

Rec 2 - looks like it's getting a theatrical release in the UK in late May and US limited release from Magnolia in July. There's a Japanese region A Blu-ray out but it doesn't appear to have English subs. The Spanish Blu-ray is region B (locked?) but does include English subtitles. There's also a Blu-ray out in New Zealand that is region B locked but English friendly. Available from Vendetta Films in NZ, couldn't find a Spanish retailer for that disc.

The Revenant - still making the festival rounds, next up is Texas Frightmare weekend in Dallas at the end of this month. No word on a DVD release yet.

Robogeisha - out on region 2 DVD in Japan but it doesn't look like it has English subs and, like most Japanese discs, it's very expensive. No word on an English-friendly release.

Salvage - Revolver released it on region 2 DVD in the UK. Looks like Revolver is also handling the US DVD release, and it's hitting shelves on July 6th. Available on Amazon UK and up for pre-order on Amazon.

A Serious Man - out on US DVD and Blu-ray courtesy of Universal. Available on Amazon.

Smash Cut - on US DVD from Shriek Show. Available on Amazon.

Solomon Kane - IMDb lists a DVD and Blu-ray release on May 5th in Sweden but I see no pre-order pages on MegaStore, my go to Swedish media retailer. However, Play has pre-order pages for an apparent UK region 2 DVD and region B (locked?) Blu-ray release dropping across the pond on June 28th and director Michael J. Bassett talked about mastering the film for DVD and Blu-ray on his blog recently. No pages up on Amazon UK yet, but it's available for pre-order on Play.

Stingray Sam - released on director Cory McAbee's website through his store in several different packages including t-shirts and digital downloads in addition to a DVD copy. Available in the Cory McAbee Store.

Survival of the Dead - released by Optimum in the UK on region 2 DVD and region B locked Blu-ray. No word on a US street date. Available on Amazon UK.

Sweet Karma - no word on any release for this one.

Terribly Happy - out on region 2 DVD from Denmark. Available from Laserdisken and you might want to checkout this article from the fine folks at Twitch with ordering instructions.

Tokyo Onlypics 2000 - just screened at the Hong Kong International Film Festival in March. Available on region 2 DVD in Japan but lacking English subs. No word on an English-friendly release. Japanese 4-disc set on YesAsia.

A Town Called Panic - Studio Canal released single and 2-disc editions in France on region 2 DVD but sadly didn't include English subs. US Amazon has a placeholder page up for Town Called Panic on DVD being released by Zeitgeist Films on July 20th. Here's hoping that's accurate. French disc on Amazon FR and pre-order page on Amazon.

Trick 'R Treat
- Warner released it on US DVD and Blu-ray. Available on Amazon.

Truffe - Paradox released this on region 1 (same as US) DVD up in Canada. Original French audio with English subtitles. Don't be duped into paying the insane prices on US Amazon Marketplace. Get it cheaper, directly from Canada. Available on Amazon CA.

Under the Mountain - IMDb lists a German DVD release back in February, but I don't see anything on German Amazon. Looks like Lionsgate has picked it up for a US release, though no date has been set yet.

Universal Soldier: Regeneration - released on US DVD and Blu-ray by Sony. Available on Amazon.

Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl - out on region 2 DVD from 4Digital Asia in the UK. Available on Amazon UK.

Van Diemen's Land - Madman released this on region 4 DVD in Australia. Available on EzyDVD, a site with which I've had good experiences importing discs. Or if you don't mind waiting, looks like High Fliers is releasing a region 2 DVD in the UK on May 24th that will be a bit cheaper. Pre-order page up on Amazon UK.

Yatterman - looks like there's a Hong Kong region 0 DVD floating around with English subs. Couldn't find it directly from Hong Kong, except for one site that looked like it might be a scam. There are 2 copies, reasonably priced, available on Amazon Marketplace with the right cover art.

Yesterday - no word on any kind of release for this one.

Zombieland - out on US DVD and Blu-ray from Sony. Available on Amazon.
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