Don't worry, 007 fans. This is probably about as likely as Julia Roberts becoming the next Jason Voorhees whenever that franchise picks back up again. But did you know that Avatar and Clash of the Titans star place-holder Sam Worthington was in the running to play James Bond in Casino Royale? Apparently he even did a screen test for the movie, which ultimately went to Daniel Craig. I didn't even know the guy existed five years ago let alone would be thought of as a contender for one of the most iconic roles in cinema.

Now, according to BBC News, some bookie has responded to the Bond 23delay and franchise uncertainty by coming up with odds to who could replace Craig if the series' hiatus lasts longer than he's willing to wait. And yes, the UK-born, Australian-raised actor is on top as the 5/2 favorite. The only reported competition comes from Worthington's Terminator Salvation costar Christian Bale and the controversial choice of Will Smith, each of whom has 7/1 odds. Fortunately, Craig offers assurance that he'll be back for a third movie, and there's speculation that in the meantime he'll continue his relationship with the Bond franchise producers by reprising his stage role for a film adaptation of A Steady Rain.
As for Worthington, well, he recently admitted he wasn't right for the role of Bond anyway. Perhaps he can more appropriately take over the xXx series after Vin Diesel gives it up again. If somehow Craig does end up a two-Bond-man like Timothy Dalton, who would be a realistic replacement? Not Bale, who has enough franchises. Definitely not Smith (nor black Bond poll winner Dizzee Rascal). Maybe if it takes long enough to get back, and EON wants someone young, we can throw Aaron Johnson or Nicholas Hoult into the mix?
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