We had another tie in last week's Trailer Park poll, as the NSFW French trailer for Enter the Void was equally as popular as the one for Paper Man. Sadly, the trailer for Grown Ups (which was popular enough to be a Google trend topic last weekend), was close behind. Meanwhile, nobody wants to see another doc about Guantanamo detainees (The Oath)?

This week has brought an interesting mix of trailers, but few do anything interesting with the medium. Should I include first-look teaser clips like the one featuring Emma Stone in the shower for Easy A? Stuff like that should be playing in theaters, especially since the real trailer for the Scarlet Letter update will be just as lame-looking as the new trailer for the Beauty and the Beast update Beastly?

At least there's the very intriguing teaser for the doc Into Eternity, which I spotlighted in my Tribeca preview the other day. I'm hoping to see it at the fest this week, but regardless, I hope some U.S. distributor picks it up so the rest of you can see if it's as good as it seems. As for my number two pick this week, it's another Tribeca selection, Get Low. Aaron Schneider's Southern period drama has also been featured at the Toronto Film Festival (where Scott reviewed it), and Sundance. It will hit theaters in July courtesy of Sony Classics. I don't know what attracts me more in the trailer, Bill Murray with a little mustache, Robert Duvall with a long, "crazy old nutter" beard or his Four Christmases ex-wife Sissy Spacek with no facial hair at all (she's just perfect the way she is). I think this may now be my most anticipated film of the summer.

See the rest of my trailer chart after the jump and be sure to vote on your favorite in this week's poll (if anything other than Twilight wins, I'll eat my shoe, whether Chaplin- or Herzog-style).
1. Into Eternity - A vote for this one could be a vote for U.S. distribution. So think twice before you show your support for Twilight in the poll below.

2. Get Low - Is it just me or does Lucas Black look just like Sam Worthington? And he's a better actor. Why isn't he the rising star?

3. John Rabe - Steve Buscemi co-starring in a big WW2 epic? That's all you need to show me. Well, maybe some more Daniel Bruhl, too.

4. 180 South: Conquerors of the Useless - Not sure what this doc is about, but the landscape shots look breathtaking

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - If I didn't know this was a Twilight movie, I might actually be interested based on this trailer alone. Even with the terrible CG wolves. Good job, Summit!

Great Directors - A doc featuring interviews with David Lynch, Agnes Varda, Ken Loach, Bernardo Bertolucci, Catherine Breillat, Todd Haynes, Stephen Frears and others talking about their craft. Should only appeal to film students and other cinephiles, but listen to the introduction by documentarian Angela Ismailos. Doesn't she just make this out to be like Babies but with filmmakers? And doesn't that sound great? Kinda makes me want a cartoon called "Auteur Babies." Imagine Baby David Lynch! He's obviously the Gonzo of the show.

7. High School (Teaser) - I've heard there's some issue with the blurb selection, and that reveal of Adrien Brody at the end is frightening, but I appreciate the structure of this teaser.

8. African Cats - For those of you who spent your Earth Day watching Disneynature's Oceans just as you spent last year's watching Earth, here's the trailer for 2011's annual nature doc. Per tradition, you get some stunning footage combined with epic North Atlantic-based rock music, in this case a song from Vega 4.

9. Beastly - This is sure to be the cheesiest thing to happen to the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast since the '80s TV series, but if Mary-Kate Olsen turns you off, aren't you at least interested in watching Neil Patrick Harris as a blind tutor?

10. Looking for Eric - It's just like Paper Man but with a soccer star instead of a superhero. Probably the only Loach film that I haven't looked forward to.