If you're hankering for some more Wikus, and Sharlto Copley's recent Funny or Die role reprisal wasn't enough to satisfy, you may hope that MarketSaw is right with its rumor from last week that the District 9 sequel will begin shooting this fall. Apparently, both Neill Blomkamp and producer Peter Jackson are back and currently in pre-production on the untitled follow-up, which will film in South Africa and New Zealand. No word in the report on Copley's casting, but it'd be implausible for them to move ahead on this without the break-out star of the original.

There are a few reasons to be suspicious of this update, the main one being that Blomkamp seemed all set to start shooting his other untitled future-set sci-fi/horror project instead. But that was back before District 9 was surprisingly (and arguably unworthy of being) nominated for Best Picture. Now it would make sense for Sony to be interested in a "District 10" as quick as possible. Not that Sony has confirmed the report to the trades yet*, though MarketSaw's source is Weta Digital, which handled the special effects on the original and are back for part two.
Will it really be a part two, though, is another question. Back in January, Blomkamp said he'd prefer to do a prequel to District 9 ("District 8"?), admitting he has no interest in what happens when Christopher the prawn returns with reinforcements bent on invasion. A later interview with District 9 co-writer Terri Tatchell revealed the first film was supposed to have more with the arrival of the mothership and the government efforts once inside the craft, but these never-filmed scenes were cut due to length. Perhaps that stuff can finally be worked out in a prequel. I'll say again, though, that I'd like to see something that's more of a mix of prequel and sequel, like The Godfather Part II and the opening of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. What would you rather see?

UPDATE: When reached for comment, Sony told Cinematical that this story is "not true". Take from that what you will ...
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