If you've been sitting here and worrying about when you could buy advanced tickets for Zac Efron's Charlie St. Cloud, or what happened to Your Highness, we now have the answers. Universal set a bunch of 2010/2011 release dates via Deadline Hollywood Daily, and now you can mark your calenders and predict doom for a film based on its big day.

Universal's summer slate is rather sparse this year. After Get Him to the Greek opens on June 4, they had nothing to fight the July fight. That's where Zac Efron comes in, and his Charlie St. Cloudis now set to open on July 30. He's got scant competition that weekend except for Get Low, and will probably top Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, and Beastly. Actually, it will be a battle of the tweens as Beastly is aiming to take a bit of that Twilight love market.

The Adjustment Bureauhas been given a release date of September 17. Starring Matt Damon and based on the Philip K. Dick short story, it's been rumored to get one of those big fall or holiday releases. DHD seems to think its September date spells doom, particularly since it's going up against Easy A, Warrior, Flipped, and King of the Avenue. Perhaps they just want a good movie to shine.

the documentary that caused such a stir at Sundance this year, will also be coming out on September 17. They're giving it a limited release via Rogue Pictures, so cross your fingers it causes enough of a stir to get an expansion.

See what Universal has for 2011 below
Jumping into 2011, Universal has given that highly anticipated Untitled Ron Howard Comedy a release date of January 14, 2011. It's hard to say whether this will sink this Untitled Ron Howard Comedy since we don't actually know anything about it. But laughs are always good in the dead of winter, so let's hope Untitled can deliver on something.

The Night Chronicles: Devil
has been given the usual horror movie dump date of February 11, 2011. I know SAW still reigns, but I will never understand why more horror movies don't come out in October. You just have to be part of that world, I guess.

James Cameron is claiming March, with James Cameron Presents Sanctum 3Don March 4, 2011. His name (a producer's credit only) will undoubtedly cause many to flock to the theaters expecting the underwater Avatar. What will people think when they experience a claustrophobic Australian drama? I don't know, but it will probably be fun to take reactions on opening night!

The highly anticipated Your Highness has been pushed back from October 2010 to April 8, 2011. Does that spell trouble? April hasn't exactly been a stellar month for anything action-comedy related. Will we see it fall to the reign of I Hop? Will Sanctum still be going strong? Or will people be hungry for an fantasy action-comedy?

Finally, those who have been waiting on the edge of their seat for Ballers can now circle the date on their calender: November 4, 2011. Oscar contender time!
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