- LettersOfNote.com dug up the above letter from Francis Ford Coppola asking Lee Marvin to take on the Apocalypse Now role that eventually went to Marlon Brando. Hollywood used to be a lot cooler.

- Harsh Times and Street Kings director David Ayer has been tapped by Fox to remake Commando. Apparently he'll be putting a "real-world spin" on it, which is a terrible idea. I want quad-barrel, shoulder missile launchers or bust. (PS, I blame Weinberg for this.)

- Tyler Perry's 34th Street Films is developing a new film based on Rear Window's source material, Cornell Woolrich's short story It Had to be Murder. No punchline needed.

- The latest 2D film to be converted to 3D in post-production? Fury Road, AKA the new Mad Max film. Sigh. (Note: the film was previously announced for 3D, but it was shot in 2D, so it's possible that George Miller was able to plan for the conversion all along.)
- Why does Steven Spielberg have someone at DreamWorks editing his home movies? Is some kind of Spielberg, behind-the-scenes documentary in the works or does he just have the coolest home movies of all time?

- Oil behemoth Chevron is demanding that Joe Berlinger, the documentarian who made Paradise Lost and Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, turn over hundreds of hours of footage from his 2009 oil documentary, Crude. Berlinger isn't exactly bending over without a fight, as is to be expected from someone who took on the oil industry in the first place.

- Sarah Silverman has been cast as Seth Rogen's sister in the indie dramedy Take This Waltz. That's great and all, but the more interesting story here, to me at least, is that Sarah Polley is writing and directing it.

- Torrent Freak says that Avatar is the "most pirated Blu-ray film ever", citing some 200,000 downloads in four days as the benchmark. Given that they don't cite the numbers of whatever film(s) it dethroned, I'd hardly phone up Guinness to report this as an actual record.
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