While there weren't any monstrous gotta-see-it-right-now hits to come out of this year's Tribeca Film Festival (though I loved Zonad and heard great things about Dog Pound), one of the films I really had fun watching was a French romantic comedy called Heartbreaker (or L'arnacoeur), starring Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis. The movie opened in France this past March and is already a huge hit over there, and after I watched it at Tribeca one of the first things I noted was that an American remake was imminent. The plot -- which concerns a trio of con-artists who are hired to infiltrate relationships and break two people up -- was just screaming out for an English-language re-do, and now confirmation has finally come from screenwriter Jeremy Doner via an interview with our own Jenni Miller for the Tribeca Film website.

Doner says that Working Title Films has already picked up the US remake rights, and he's even come onboard to write the screenplay. If Mission Impossible and Ocean's Eleven got together and had a baby -- and that baby turned out to be a romantic comedy -- it'd be this film, which is just bursting with a number of hilarious scenes, including the most adorable Dirty Dancing subplot that I really hope they keep in. Yes, it falls into some of the standard rom-com traps, and I definitely had a few issues with story and character motivations, but the film is so much fun to watch that you almost excuse its problems. If done right, I could see the Heartbreaker remake becoming one of the best romantic comedies of the decade, but a lot can go wrong once you shift countries and cast.
There's no word on whether Heartbreaker director Pascal Chaumeil will also helm the remake, though I kinda hope so because his version just popped with energy and electricity in every scene, not to mention it was beautifully shot. Granted, it was filmed on location in Monaco -- which certainly helped the movie look pretty -- but Chaumeil also sprinkles in some remarkable shots at just the right moments, like one toward the end in front of a revolving door that just steals your heart.

We'll be keeping a close eye on this English-language remake, because at a time when our romantic comedies are really suffering, it'd be nice to see Heartbreaker cross the pond and successfully land on both feet. IFC Films is in charge of the US theatrical release -- which hopefully means it'll also be hitting your On-Demand boxes at the same time -- so we'll keep you updated on where you can watch the French version as soon as a release date is announced.

(Unfortunately there's no subtitled trailer yet for Heartbreaker, but there is a trailer and it's in French ... in case anyone out there either knows French or wants to get a feel for the look of the film. Watch it below ...)

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