Luke Kaye, a UK Jedi Knight wannabe, has spent an obscene amount of money on the colorful tattoos covering his back, arms and legs -- a tableau comprised entirely of Star Wars characters from all six of George Lucas' films. His obsession started five years ago when he got his first tattoo -- a piece featuring the diminutive Jedi badass Yoda -- and since then he's added 13 more characters to his body art collection.

Kaye has endured over 1000 hours under the needle and feels this proves just how deep his Star Wars dedication is. "I have to pluck up the courage to keep going back but I will not stop until I am happy - I am nowhere near finished yet," he explained to the Daily Mail. They also confirmed that Kaye isn't living in his parents' basement and subsisting on copious amounts of Hot Pockets, as he spoke of his girlfriend's distaste for his "hobby". Yes, there's even a picture of his girlfriend over here -- apparently she really does exist.
If Luke's name sounds familiar to you (and just how convenient is it that his first name is "Luke"...) it's probably because he was in the news last year when he announced he was selling off his massive movie memorabilia collection -- a collection comprised mostly of (you guessed it) Star Wars costumes, autographs, props and more. Featuring over 16,000 pieces, the shrine to George Lucas' creative vision became a financial burden to store -- taking up space in two houses and multiple storage units. Kaye's love of Star Wars is so all-consuming that it even destroyed his 21-year marriage. You know you've got it bad when you're giving up female companionship for the ability to keep your life-sized Jabba the Hutt figure in the living room. Why didn't A&E snag this guy for a special edition of Hoarders? Talk about your missed opportunities ...

Happy Star Wars Day d00ds!
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