When I attended last week's Ain't it Cool News screening of Iron Man 2, the audience, particularly AICN headgeek Harry Knowles, sounded noticeably disappointed when Jon Favreau said the print of the film he brought was missing the post-credits scene and that if we wanted to see what it was we'd have to go on opening day. And even though I dug Iron Man 2, I hardly felt the need to go to a midnight showing just to see a 30 second clip. Well, either Favreau was holding back more information about the public's prints of the film or didn't know about the following, but it looks like Paramount has found a way to motivate geeks like me to see the movie as quickly as possible.

Drew McWeeny at HitFix.com has once again blown the lid off a JJ Abrams' secret film. According to his source(s) - and considering he was also the first person in the world to announce that the trailer for Cloverfield, a movie very few even knew existed at the time, would be attached to Transformers, I'd trust whoever gave him the info - all American prints of Iron Man 2 will have a teaser trailer for a secret JJ Abrams' film called Super 8. As for what Super 8 is about...well, Drew isn't spilling, but he says it's rumored to be a sequel to Cloverfield.
If a Cloverfield 2 doesn't entice you (and if so, why not?) and you're hoping it's a teaser for the recently announced Abrams/Spielberg film, then, sorry, but Drew says that's definitely not it. Plus, during his appearance on the most recent Reject Radio podcast, Drew said he knew what that untitled film was about, so, again, I trust him when he says this teaser isn't it.

Personally, this has me incredibly excited. It may seem like a contradiction given I write about movies for a living, but I really do try to know as little about them as possible before I see them. I explicitly avoid reading/seeing spoilers, opting instead to stick with whatever official promo materials a film puts out. That's not always a full proof plan, however, as studios regularly show entire movies in their trailers. Abrams, on the other hand, isn't one of those people. He's one of the few industry staples who thrives on secrecy and I'm just glad that Paramount sees the value in letting him do so.

Let the speculation commence!
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