Paranormal Activity, directed by Oren Peli

My love for this film is most likely well-known by now, what with the verbal fellating I've given it since it made a splash at Fantastic Fest last year. This time, in preparation for an article I plan on working on soon, I decided to give it another whirl. Forgoing the theatrical release for the alternate ending that was only shown once in 2007, the film definitely loses much of its impact when not watched on the big screen. One scene that involves a little bit of talcum powder on the ground proved to be the worst, as there were serious issues with the lighting. The footprints you see are barely visible, and it requires a keen eye to even make them out. Still, the DVD is worth the purchase just to see the alternate ending, which is deeply disturbing yet lacking the "oomph" of the theatrical ending. Shameful admission: I still haven't seen the other ending, though I am well aware as to what it entails. (Review)

Kill Theory
, directed by Chris Moore

Kill Theory is one of those After Dark Films I feel is directly responsible for much of the criticism that is hurled at the popular mini-horror festival. It was nothing but a lackluster Saw-inspired exercise in mediocrity, employing numerous slasher conventions, the most egregious being gaping holes in logic and common sense. While I will give it props for attempting to throw the viewer off the trail throughout the film, this couldn't save the film's numerous flaws. Also, the characters made me want to punch the TV, but that may just be the result of some latent anger issues.

Altered, directed by Eduardo Sanchez

Our inaugural column of the Horror Squad Movie Club was kicked off with Altered, and after many weeks of putting it off, I finally decided to queue the bad boy up on Netflix and give it a whirl. While watch I tweeted about it, because that's what nerds like me do, and Peter Hall, who discussed the film, threatened me with bodily harm if I did not like it. Lucky for me, I found it to be good. Not great, but good. It was a fun watch, and while I agree with Pete's assessment that the "effects on the flesh-eating virus are amazing," I found the overall appearance of the aliens to be rather ridiculous looking. Maybe I'm burnt out on humanoid aliens. But for a low-budget film that (I think) went straight to DVD, it was solid and well worth a watch if you're into alien abduction flicks (Fire in the Sky fans may get a kick out of it.)
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