Recently we started a new feature on Horror Squad called "I Would Have Saved/Killed." Each week a Horror Squad staff member questions the ultimate fate of a character in a given horror film and provides an in-depth discussion as to why he or she should have lived or died. Brilliant idea, isn't it? Of course, we can't take all the credit. That goes to Arbogast on Film and his popular "call for entries" feature, "The One You Might Have Saved." When I first began my own horror blog, Arbogast on Film has remained a fixture on the scene, receiving universal praise from everyone involved with horror blogging, and with good reason. The man can write, and he can write very well.

As the pseudonymous curator, Arbogast never phones it in. Each post is carefully crafted by a man who not only loves to write, but loves the genre. This is evident in damn near every post, each one laden with copious amounts of references to other horror films, both classic and contemporary. His knowledge and the sheer passion he puts into every entry, be it a review of Zombieland or a list of the best fights in horror movie history, is utterly awe inspiring. Suffice it to say, his is one of the few horror blogs I attempt to emulate.

When asked why he started Arbogast on Film, he responded: "I certainly didn't need a venue for my writing but the thought of writing apart from the brand of my real name was appealing. I didn't want to do anything clandestine under the assumed name of Arbogast or settle any old grudges (I don't actually have any) but just write in a different way, to a different audience and use more swear words. And it's fucking awesome! I don't condone profane speech for it's own sake but it works when I use it, because I'm classy."
Arbogast's beginnings are humble yet envious. his expansive knowledge of film and skill as a writer came the way it should - books. The man is a devoted reader who "used to drop $40 and $50 a time at this bookstore in the Village called The Strand." He goes on to say that "that dirty old place taught me more than my college ever did." He has parlayed all of this into a writing career, including script writing and doctoring, and honestly, I can think of no better profession for this man. He's a born writer, and we're blessed to have his thoughts on the horror genre so easily accessible.

Also, for some reason I really want to grab a beer with this guy.
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