Back in December, I implored Bryan Singer to not make X-Men: First Class. Apparently, my voice rang loud over the Hollywood Hills and Mr. Singer, susceptible to my limitless influence, decided to go make Jack the Giant Killer instead. With that over, it's now time for me shift my attention and do justice elsewhere...

Matthew Vaughn, please don't make X-Men: First Class.

Deadline had some rumors
, but it's Heat Vision who have the confirmation. Vaughn, fresh off the disappointing box office return for the not-disappointing-at-all Kick-Ass, has officially signed onto the project, a prequel that tells of the early days of Xavier's school for mutant children and how he and Magneto had their little falling out. Fox was apparently chomping at the bit to get him in the director's chair, canceling meetings with an eclectic list of filmmakers (including Louis Letterier, David Slade and Timur Bekmambetov) who were also up for the gig when Vaughn showed interest..
This is normally the point where I say "X-Men: First Class should not be made because there is no point in making a prequel when we already know fates of all of the characters," but considering the fascinatingly terrible Wolverine movie, I'm almost curious to see what mess gets churned out under the X-Men banner next. But...

I don't want to see Fox chew Matthew Vaughn up and spit him out like they did to Oscar-winner (!) Gavin Hood with Wolverine. Fox is a notoriously difficult studio to work with, insisting on micro-managing their filmmakers and playing things way too safe and stupid. Ask Alex Proyas. Ask that guy who directed Babylon A.D. I would like to think that Vaughn has it in him to stand strong and make the movie he wants to make (after all, he was going to direct X-Men: The Last Stand but quit when things didn't go the way he wanted them to), but he's in a delicate place right now. He needs a hit. Good or bad, an X-Men movie will be a hit.

Since it's happening though, let's try to think positive thoughts. What would you like to see? More importantly, what do you NOT want to see? Is Vaughn the right guy for this one? I'd say the answer to that last question is yes. Here's hoping all that Avatar money has convinced Fox to loosen their grip and let Vaughn do his thing.
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