This week's announcements include a little seen Ben Stiller gem, a time machine and a metal storm. Don't get too excited yet, especially since we're kicking off with MGM's Hot Tub Time Machine. Some called it this year's Hangover. I agreed. It's just that I did not believe that to be a compliment. Nevertheless, the modest success featuring John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke and Jessica Pare's boobs will hit DVD & Blu-ray on June 29 in an unrated edition. Will that mean more boobs or laughter? If you want to go back further than the '80s, on the same date you can also grab Tom DiCillo's Doors documentary, When You're Strange, from Eagle Rock on both formats.

On July 13 from Fox it's Forest Whitaker vs. Carlos Mencia in Our Family Wedding. Witness the foodfight between the races on DVD & Blu if you must or just look ahead to the studio's announcement of The Simpsons' 13th Season coming to both on August 24. If waiting is not your thing, well, too bad, cause Fox has also delayed Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief by a week to June 29. For you Greek junkies, it's still four weeks ahead of its competitor for worst mythology lesson of 2010. More on that in a minute...

In more positive news, Universal will be releasing Noah Baumbach's Greenberg with Ben Stiller and Greta Gerwig also on July 13. Certainly one of the better films in a rather unremarkable year so far, it will probably be forgotten come Oscar time but it is definitely worth a look, if not for Stiller's dramatic turn then as a gateway to checking out the lovely Miss Gerwig's indie resume including Joe Swanberg's Hannah Takes The Stairs and the terrific Nights and Weekends. Fans of Universal's back catalog actually have a special surprise in store for them on August 3 as the studio releases seven titles from the '70s & '80s including The Great Waldo Pepper, The Greek Tycoon and 'Night Mother. Also Susanna Hoffs doing exercises in her underwear in The All-Nighter, the SCTV-laden Going Berserk, the underrated Martin Short/Annette O'Toole romantic comedy, Cross My Heart, and last but certainly not least, Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn.

Here's the catch though. Metalstorm, along with The Greek Tycoon and 'Night Mother, have been listed as Full Frame Only. FULL FRAME? Speaking of time machines, is it 1997 again when Universal was releasing films like Fierce Creatures and The Paper without a widescreen transfer? We have widescreen TVs now, people! Hopefully this is just a misprint because God knows we want to see every inch of Richard Moll and Mike Preston. Oh, and Kelly Preston too. has reported that Warner Bros. big Clash of the Titans redux will be available on July 27, including deleted scenes, an alternate ending and the hilarious sounding featurette, "Sam Worthington: An Action Hero for the Ages" Those of you choosing to sit through this one again, that's your business. But it might be worth checking out for the sneak peek of Martin Campbell's Green Lantern promised in the package. That is, unless the footage is released prior. Then everybody wins.

Rounding out the theatrical releases for the week, we jump forward in time to First Look's second Werner Herzog title of the year on September 14, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? featuring Michael Shannon as a guy who kills his mom with an antique sword. Basically another Herzog portrait of madness for you. If you care for a better looking killer, they also will be releasing The Assassin Next Door (aka Kirot) on August 17 starring recent Bond girl and Hitman foil, Olga Kurylenko, as the titular assassin involved in the sex trade. How's that for wordplay? Speaking of which, the film known as Homewrecker at this year's Sundance film festival will be released by First Look on Sept. 21 as The Locksmith, moving the title to the put-upon male rather than the nutty female he spends a day with. On Sept. 7 the studio also has five Laffink Presents Platinum Comedy Series DVDs featuring Bill Engvall, Drew Carey, George Lopez, Jeff Dunham and Jerry Seinfeld.

Moving over to the TV side of things, Disney will be releasing The Complete Final Season of Scrubs (DVD & Blu) as well as The Complete Collection of the comedy series on Sept. 28 along with The Second (and now Final) Season of the syndicated Legend of the Seeker, worth checking out for the stunning Bridget Regan. The latter two will be DVD only.

BBC will also be doubling on Days That Shook The World with both The Complete Third Season and The Complete Series on Aug. 3. A History of Scotland and Simon Schama: A History of Britain (Special Edition) will be two weeks later on the 17th. Warner-based HBO will also be bringing out the debut season of the Jason Schwartzman series, Bored To Death on DVD & Blu on Sept. 14 and The Complete Collection of Flight Of The Conchords on Aug. 24

On July 27, Paramount will have The First Season of Sgt. Bilko: The Phil Silvers Show and the final season of Sabrina The Teenage Witch. And in Blu-ray news they have announced Sam Mendes' Road To Perdition on Aug. 3. Sticking with the killer theme, Shout Factory are also bringing out a Blu-ray edition of the one and only true version of The Stepfather with Terry O'Quinn on June 15. Image is also boosting their Blu-ray catalog with releases of In The Shadow Of The Moon on Aug. 10 and then The Long Good Friday, Mona Lisa, Time Bandits, and Withnail and I on Aug. 24. Most exciting of all from Image though is the promised Halloween release of Thriller: The Complete Series actually hitting stores on Aug. 31.

Finally, ask yourself this question. Has there ever been a more terrifying screen villain than Falconetti? Well you and the guys from Beautiful Girls can debate that question when A&E releases Rich Man, Poor Man: The Complete Collection on Sept. 28. No longer do you have sit there and watch all 12 parts back-to-back with the commercials like everybody else. Just buy the DVDs.


Cinema Libre
July 27 - Water Wars

July 27 - Artists Under The Big Top: Perplexed, Best of the Fest: Award-Winning Films from the Chicago International Children's Film Festival, The Colors of Curacao (Ava & Gabriel: A Love Story / Papa's Song), Loos Ornamental, Memory of Water, Viva Castro!, Youth of Chopin

Factory 25
July 27 - Altamont Now

July 6 - Eyeborgs (DVD/Blu), Larry the Cable Guy: Git-R-Done (Blu-ray), Love and Other Disasters (Blu-ray), Love For Sale
July 13 - Gabriel Iglesias: Hot and Fluffy (Blu-ray), Middle of Nowhere (DVD/Blu)
July 20 - Evil Aliens (Blu-ray), Just Another Day (DVD/Blu), UFC Presents World Extreme Cagefighting: Aldo vs. Faber (DVD/Blu)
July 27 - Accidents Happen (DVD/Blu), Rain (2008), Steve Byrne: The Byrne Identity (DVD/Blu), Victor/Victoria: The Broadway Musical (Blu-ray)
August 10 - Multiple Sarcasms
August 17 - Skellig: The Owl Man
August 24 - Ghost Hunters International (Season One, Part 2)

July 6 - Lost Keaton: Sixteen Comedy Shorts 1934-1937 , Steamboat Bill Jr. (DVD/Blu)
July 20 - Nollywood Babylon
July 27 - Home (2008) (DVD/Blu)

July 13 - The Passengers
July 27 - Cholo Comedy Slam

July 6 - Street Boss
July 13 - Rent A Car
July 20 - A Gangland Love Story

June 15 - Sara Hickman (Big Bird, Little Bird)

August 3 - To Save A Life (DVD/Blu)

July 27 - The Australian Storym Bad Blood, Black Arrow, High Tide, The Only Way, The System, Trouble In The Sky

July 20 - Tin Man (2007) (Blu-ray)

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