AUTHOR'S NOTE: When the piece initially went up, I erroneously stated that Warner was releasing the Never Sleep Again documentary in an attempt to cash in on nostalgia. I didn't mean that it was a bad thing, but I was wrong all the way around. As my friend Scott Neumyer has pointed out, Warner's had nothing to do with Never Sleep Again, a passion project put together by fans of the series and spearheaded to a certain extent by Nancy herself, Ms. Heather Langenkamp. I've edited my initial piece to reflect accurate information about the film and it's release.

Best of the New Releases: Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

With all the hoopla surrounding the release of Platinum Dunes remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, I suppose it's only natural to see a lot of nostalgia for the original. In addition to a new, less-than-stellar box set of the series and a pretty awesome Blu-ray of the original film, fans are also in for a treat with this week's release of Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy.

This two-disc set features a comprehensive documentary clocking in at a mind-blowing 4 hours chronicling the series from the original through Freddy vs. Jason. Apparently, the doc has been a labor of love created by fans of the series with the help of Heather Langenkamp. In addition, the second disc contains another 2 hours of extended interviews that didn't end up in the final 4-hour doc as well as several short clips covering everything from Freddy's glove and Nightmare merchandising to the original NES game as Freddy goes face-to-face with the Angry Video Game Nerd. This is an exhaustive set to say the least, but I wonder if it will suffer from a problem I had with the 40 minute documentary found on the new Nightmare Blu-ray, namely that everyone interviewed seemed to take the film too seriously. While I love the original Nightmare and it certainly is a classic in many ways, the people featured in the Blu-ray doc seemed to think they had made Citizen Kane. I don't mind people being proud of the film they made, but some of the claims made are just outlandish and unrealistic. I hope that's tempered a bit in this new documentary. em>

Best of the Catalog Releases: There aren't any this week

Every week I think the horror offerings on DVD can't get any more sparse and every week I'm shocked to find fewer titles than the week before. This week features no catalog horror titles at all.

Complete list of horror releases for the week of May 4th:

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy- DVD
Cold Storage - DVD
Meadowoods - DVD
Dark Nature - DVD

- DVD - This looks awesome! Starring Darth Maul himself, Mr. Ray Park, as a mercenary who takes a job to kill Satan with the help of an assassin and the last of the Knights Templar. Reread that sentence. It sounds completely insane. Here's the tagline: A Soulless Mercenary Battles an Army of Darkness. SOLD! Hellbinders also features Derek Mears in what I hope is more than a bit part. DOUBLE SOLD!

Of interest (these films aren't exactly horror but might be noteworthy to horror fans for one reason or another):

Virtuality - DVD - Peter Berg directed the pilot for this never-picked-up sci-fi series for Fox created by Battlestar Galactica's Ronald D. Moore. Virtuality follows the crew of a spaceship on an Earth-saving mission to explore distant planets who rely on an elaborate virtual reality system to keep their sanity. Problem is, someone unexpected has started to disrupt everyone's VR sessions...

- DVD - Starring John Goodman and directed by Joe Dante, Matinee follows the release of a B-horror movie during the Cuban missile crisis. Never heard of this one from Dante, but I can't wait to check it out!

We'll be back next week with the releases for May 11th!
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