While the winner of last week's Trailer Park poll was Jonah Hex, I want to mostly congratulate the 83-year-old Metropolis for coming in third (just behind the latest Splice trailer). For those geeks looking to start the summer movie right (I hear Iron Man 2 is disappointing), the newly recovered and restored extended version of the sci-fi classic opens in NY this weekend with other cities to follow (see the list here).

As for another thing kicking off this weekend, film critics and movie bloggers are heading to Cannes ahead of next Wednesday's official start, and some sites have been finding very interesting trailers for the festival's very interesting selections. They're strewn about this week's trailer chart, so do check them out (especially the one for Rubber). As for the punny title of this week's Trailer Park, that's as much a reference to Super 8as it is to the film festival, because as far as far as we're concerned that teaser everyone's talking about is still locked in its film can. On the web, anyway. You can see it, though, in non-bootleg form ahead of Iron Man 2, in the theater.

Topping out my list this week is another trailer for a little film called Inception. This is the third spot and definitely the most revealing. Basically, they should show this before the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake with a little message after it that says, "This is how you make a movie about someone invading dreams. Leave the theater now and come back on July 16." I just hope this trailer isn't too revealing. I was enjoying the secrecy behind Inception, and now I might have just seen all the great set pieces and effects there are to be seen. I guess that's what I have to deal with when writing column on trailers every week. And I both look forward to and dread the day we're all recalling the first secret teaser for Super 8 when we're delivered a trailer next Spring exposing the majority of the movie.

Check out the new Inception trailer, the rest of my chart and this week's trailer poll after the jump.

1. Inception (Trailer #3) - What if Freddy Krueger looked like Leonardo DiCaprio. That wouldn't be such a nightmare, would it?

2. Rubber (Teaser) - I could spark your interest just by telling you that new film from Quentin Dupieux (aka Mr. Oizo) is about a vengeful tire -- yes, tire -- with telekinetic powers. But you really need to see the teaser for yourself. And hope to god this thing comes to America soon.

3. Machete - I admit I wasn't that interested in this Grindhouse spin-off until seeing the trailer -- and not just because of its political message. Did you notice how many Lost people are in there? The trailer would have been #1 if Jorge Garcia showed up, too.

4. Countdown to Zero - The trailer points out that Lucy Walker's new documentary comes from the producer of An Inconvenient Truth (Lawrence Bender). It also makes me think this is going to be a whole lot scarier than the Al Gore film. Never mind global warming, guys; we're all still going to just die from nuclear weapons way before Mother Nature gets lethal.

5. Chatroom - Another Cannes entry, this one from filmmaker Hideo Nakata (The Ring). It's basically Inception but with cinematically visualized interpretations of internet chatrooms rather than dreams. It actually looks a lot better than you'd think from the premise. Partly because it stars Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass) and Imogen Poots (28 Weeks Later). I'm guessing it won't be so great in reality, though. Just like when you meet an online "girlfriend" for the first time and she doesn't meet your expectations. Not that I ever did that before. I hear stories, though. Umm. [via ThePlaylist]

6. Nanny McPhee Returns - I have no problem admitting that I loved the first Nanny McPhee, and I have no problem saying I think the sequel looks even better. Even with Maggie Gyllenhaal doing a British accent.

7.The Hole 3D (International) - Joe Dante's new movie looks like cheap '80s horror/fantasy flicks like The Gate, House II: The Second Story and Demonic Toys (and others like it). If that's what he's going for then cool, I guess. I'll see anything Dante makes. I do wish, however, this trailer highlighted the movie's Venice Film Festival win for Best 3D Film of last year.

8. The American - George Clooney in a movie that doesn't look so fresh after the Bourne movies and The International and, sure, the episode of Lost where Sayid is a contract killer. But it has to be great coming from Anton Corbijn (Control). I just think there's probably a better way to sell this.

9. Waiting for "Superman" - Davis Guggenheim's follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth might be a very interesting documentary about the U.S. education system. But I am turned off by both the whispery narration and the leading off-camera questions. This looks like a very by-the-books non-fiction film, complete with flashy graphics. Maybe I'll check it out when it hits Netflix.

10. Certified Copy (Teaser) - One more Cannes film, this from the great Abbas Kiarostami (Taste of Cherry). The trailer is pretty neat, because it's just Juliette Binoche applying lipstick. But is a close-up shot of the actress enough to sell your movie when she's in about 80 films a year? [via The Playlist]