It's time to watch Darwin evolve from man to angel. Paul Bettany stars as the archangel Michael, who feels bad for the humans when God decides that it's time for that plague known as man to be wiped out. So, Michael cuts off his wings and joins the fray, trying to save the usual savior-of-man baby. In his review, Peter Hall wrote: "There is a want for ideas, for concepts, for cool 'oh, the audience will love this' moments, but there's no mind behind the typewriter to motivate it nor is there talent behind the camera to bring it to life." Skip it on DVD or Blu-ray.

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Edge of Darkness
Mel Gibson's first starring role since The Singing Detective and his trouble with the law. Adapting his own '80s miniseries into a feature film, Martin Campbell throws Gibson back into the fray as a detective on the hunt for clues into his daughter's death. Hall noted in his review: "It's a star vehicle that makes clear he's still a commanding presence, able to summon up frightening emotions from the depth of his soul. ... He's always seemed like an outsized personality, but here he's closer to an average man fighting against giants, David versus Goliath." Rent it on DVD or Blu-ray.

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The world has been overrun with vampires. But rather than an apocalypse, it's business as usual with one big twist -- almost everyone in regular society are vamps, except those humans on the run. The red stuff is running out and a vamp hematologist (Ethan Hawke) might be the key to everything -- not with a method for farming more blood, but to save the human race. William Goss wrote in his review: "it's a smarter and more refreshing take on the vampire genre than most of late, and a solid action flick in its own right." Definitely Buy it on DVD or Blu-ray.

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Also out: North Face, Follow the Prophet, Sere, Billy Owen and the Secret Runes, The Mini, Miyuki

Malice in Wonderland
Director Simon Fellows (of flicks like Van Damme's Until Death) takes the classic Alice fairy tale to North East England. Lost actress Maggie Grace stars as Alice, who, in this incarnation, is a girl who gets hit by a cab and wakes up in Wonderland, "an underworld filled with twisted individuals and the lowest low-lifers." This film kicked off way back in 2006 as Malice in Sunderland with Mischa Barton, and is now a straight-to-DVD release. Skip it.

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Karate Kid 1 & 2
It's time to watch Daniel wax on and wax off in high definition. (As a box set, or separately.) Ralph Macchio is the kid from the East Coast, thrust into the karate life when the Cobra Kai begin to harass him. After a wobbly showdown, Daniel returns to the screen accompanying Mr. Miyagi to Okinawa, where a feud is reignited and Daniel continues to make enemies.

As we move closer to the June 11 release of The Karate Kid -- the reboot that merges kung fu, Jaden Smith, and Jackie Chan, yet ridiculously refuses to change the name -- this is a welcome diversion with a decent, if occasionally dull, transfer.

The Magnificent Seven Collection
The other big action option this week is The Magnificent Seven. The Akira Kurosawa remake turned samurais into cowboys (take that, "Karate" Kung Fu Kid!) hired to save a Mexican village from dastardly banditos. The Collection offers up The Magnificent Seven, Return of the Magnificent Seven, Guns of the Magnificent Seven, and the conclusion -- The Magnificent Seven Ride! DVD Beaver offers a comparison to previous releases.

M - Criterion
Fritz Lang's classic is getting a Criterion re-release, this time in Blu-ray. Peter Lorre stars as a creepy child murderer hunt down by the people he's terrorized. (Inspired by the true story of serial killer Peter Kurten.) Blu-ray.com raves: "This is a very special release, folks. Not only is the presentation of Fritz Lang's M exceptionally strong, but Criterion's Blu-ray release also contains a variety of terrific supplemental features. If you reside in a Region-A country, I urge you to consider adding M to your libraries as soon as possible. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

Also out: Toy Story, Toy Story 2, The Edge, Hang 'Em High, High Anxiety, History of the World Part 1, The Legend of the Tsunami Warrior, The Man in the Iron Mask, Marked for Death, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Rock 'n' Roll High School, Samurai Princess, Tidal Wave