The Human Centipede (First Sequence), directed by Tom Six

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) is the best movie about a mad German doctor surgically grafting a trio of unfortunate victims ass to mouth in an effort to create a new creature sporting a singular digestive system. Beyond this utterly absurd and highly unique plot, much of the fanfare has been deemed unwarranted, due in no small part to the questionable acting and, well, how can you make a movie out of such a focused premise? As it is my tendency to go against popular opinion, I and my viewing companion found the film to be highly entertaining, possessing a level of depth you might not think to find in a film about the morbid and fetishistic surgical dalliances of a mad German doctor. While I will certainly agree that the acting on the part of our two unfortunate female protagonists was absolutely dreadful, the awesomely named Dieter Laser, who played the mad Dr. Heiter, did a phenomenal job, conveying varying levels of emotion that belie the stoicism I thought such a character might possess. Much can be said about the film, and while the underlying premise might be a little too difficult for some to stomach, Tom Six's "100% medically accurate" thriller is a must-see.

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strong>Candyman, directed by Bernard Rose

I'll admit now that I had not seen Candyman until the other night. It was simply one of those films I never got around to watching, thinking that for some unknown reason it was nothing more than a cheesy slasher flick that has somehow attained the status of "classic." I was very, very wrong, and for that I apologize. Although a little slow to start, Candyman is utterly brilliant, putting a unique spin on an urban legend all while dealing with some pretty intense themes, namely the idea of a "cult of fear." On first viewing I found several aspects relatively confusing, though they're relegated more to how one might care to interpret the ending. Also: Tony Todd owns your face.

Maximum Overdrive, directed by Stephen King

I think I liked this movie not because it's about giant trucks trying to kill people, but because Stephen King claimed to be "coked out of (his) mind all through its production." Also, Emilio Estevez trying to be a badass. Everything about it was funny as Hell, from Yeardley Smith whining with a horrible southern accent throughout to a random kid who just happens to know how to translate death threats from a truck in morse code. Not much else can be said about movie centered on sentient, homicidal trucks, other than it needs to be remade, preferably by someone who has sold his soul to the devil. Like Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer.

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