Titan Books has cornered the market on cute, dead things by taking on the work of the dastardly, debonair gentleman artist, Roman Dirge. The little goth girl Dirge dubbed Lenore started as a comic book for Xenophobe Magazine (and eventually became animated for Sony ScreenBlast). Since then she has filled the blackest of hearts with joy the world over. Now, Titan Books presents their second full-color, hardcover book, Wedgies, in the series about the snarky but lovable character who has "a knack for unintentional mayhem and occasional wanton destruction." The book has a gorgeous cloth cover and has been painstakingly recoloured by Dirge himself.

An introduction by Skinny Puppy frontman, aka my sexy boyfriend, Nivek Ogre, treats us to some poetic discourse in only the way he can. He aptly describes Lenore as, " ... six-tenths good intentions driven on by three-tenths impish malevolence roughly spackled over by one-tenth sheepish faux naiveté." The pages that follow back up this claim as we follow Lenore through her spooky adventures. Dirge breaks things up by inserting biographical commentary about his life as a low-rent magician (he actually set himself on fire one time), his first date disasters and other spiffy stuff. Wedgies also provides pages of tattoo flash for the fans to decorate their bodies with (most Lenore fans I know have her image plastered somewhere on their person).
Favorite entries in this series include Skinless -- a little ditty about a boy with no skin who can't make friends (they only want to stick stuff to his gooey head), but finds love in a most macabre way. We're also introduced to a hilarious new character, Samurai Sloth, who does exactly what you imagine a sloth to do -- nothing. And Five Reasons Not to Blow on Your Kitty's Tummy will especially crack you up if you have a cat (Dirge is so obvs a cat lover -- kitties abound in Lenore). There's also a "Bonus Stuffs" chapter that involves fairy tales, snakes and a cool "Guest Art Gallery" featuring the work of Emi Boz and Eric Pigors.

If you haven't checked out the first installment in the Lenore series, Noogies (issues 1-4), I highly recommend it for fans of gothtastical humor and morbid fun. Buy your copy of Wedgiesover yonder and keep an eyeball peeled for the third installment, Cooties, coming soon to a scalp near you.
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