OK, I'll admit it. I have, on one occasion or another, watched part of a movie whilst in the bathroom. (Heck, I know a married couple who have TVs in two of their bathrooms. Wall-mounted TVs!) Hey, I spent good money on this thing, and I'm going to get my money's worth. (Plus for a few weeks it was my only DVD player, and I had no problem toting it from room to room, thank you very much.) Obviously this is not the optimal way to watch a film, unless perhaps (like me) you once had some jerkface roommates who monopolized the only TV with game show reruns -- in which case, you could probably do worse than watching a flick from the throne.

Just be sure to avoid these movies if you do it. And don't eat popcorn.

1. Lethal Weapon 2

The homoerotic undercurrents between Riggs and Murtaugh started to bubble over in this (initially cute, ultimately creepy) sequence in which the elder cop is stuck on the can and must rely on his exuberant partner to yank him into the bathtub -- sans pants -- before a toilet-triggered bomb explodes. Warner Bros. was so elated with this scene that they made it one of the Lethal Weapon 2 trailers. I think it's sort of gross. (Check it out for yourself after the jump.)

2. Trainspotting

A few weeks ago I tweeted something like "Walmart is the Trainspotting toilet of retail stores," and that got all sorts of "RTs" and "LMAOs" and what-not, which just goes to show you -- everyone remembers that disgusting, nauseating, wonderfully effective sequence in Danny Boyle's brilliant film ... the one where the junkie happily "dives" into the world's nastiest toilet bowl and swims to euphoria. And for what? His opium suppositories. Ick.
3. Not Another Teen Movie

When this broad farce sticks to actively tweaking the cliches of "teen flicks," I actually like it quite a bit. But every once in a while the movie aims low and turns into precisely the sort of crap it's supposed to be lampooning. And, yes, speaking of crap, the absolute worst scene in the film has a cheerleader, two nerds, and a bunch of excrement pouring into a classroom. It's about as funny as it sounds. (But really, there's some clever stuff in this flick, mega-poop jokes notwithstanding.)

4. Ghoulies

5. Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers

I've seen a lot of nasty kills in a lot of low-end horror flicks in my time, but the "outhouse drowning" in Sleepaway Camp 2 still stands out in my memory as extra-freakin'-gross. Imagine the worst-possible-scenario "outhouse drowning," and then add leeches to the mix. Those who've seen the flick are presently chuckling; those who haven't are probably retching.

If you thought #4 was funny, try this one. Ah, and here's that Lethal Weapon 2 toilet teaser I mentioned:

So what "toilet bowl cinema" classics did I overlook?
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