Why have one biopic when you can have two? In December, we learned that there was a production called My Week with Marilyn in the works, which would have Michelle Williams play the iconic Ms. Marilyn Monroe. Deadline now reports that the Weinstein project will battle Wild Bunch for Monroe supremacy. They're whipping up their own film called Blonde, an adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates' imaginary memoir that will star Naomi Watts as the blonde bombshell.

My Week with Marilyn -- Michelle Williams
This Weinstein production will look into Monroe's time in England as she shot The Prince and the Showgirl with Laurence Olivier. Ralph Fiennes was originally slated to play the iconic Shakespearian actor, but funnily enough, he bowed out to direct his own slice of old William -- the upcoming Coriolanus. They're currently looking for a new male lead in London, and Simon Curtis will direct.

Blonde -- Naomi Watts
In 2000, Joyce Carol Oates wrote a historical novel imagining what Marilyn Monroe's inner life was like. Originally conceived as a novella, it became a 700+ page bestseller. The book was already a miniseries on CBS with Poppy Montgomery playing Norma Jean, but now -- it's time for the big screen. The Assassination of Jesse James helmer Andrew Dominik will direct the film, and it will start shooting in January 2011.
Both actresses have the dramatic chops, but I can't help but cringe at the thought of Monroe being re-envisioned as a super-slight woman. It's not just have that white dress on or getting the proper hairdo -- it's getting that curvaceous hourglass shape. No, Marilyn wasn't a regular size 16, she was more 8-10, but that's still monumentally bigger than both very slight actresses. (Jezebel has a great explanation of Monroe's actual size.) I can only hope both will get busy eating, but somehow, I doubt they will. What do you think?

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