• Juan of the Dead is hoping to join the ranks of Shaun and Dawn by showing what happens to the titular forty-year old slacker when Cuba is hit by a zombie uprising.
  • And speaking of of the Dead films, George Romero feels like he has at least two more in him.
  • Alison Nastasi has another excellent entry in her ongoing series, There's Always Room for Giallo. This time she's focusing on 1985's The Murderer is Still With Us.
  • The French horror film The Pack was set to screen for free on the beach in Cannes as part of their Cinema De La Plage, but it turns out the French think projecting a film about blood thirsty ghouls onto a beach might offend some people so they scrapped it. And here I thought you could see it all on European beaches...

  • Our most recent round of I Would Have Saved/Killed as me calling for the death of a certain someone from Neil Marshall's The Descent.
  • Jason Murphy says We Will Bury You, "isn't the best horror comic on the shelves, but it's doing what it needs to keep my attention."
  • Brad McHargue takes a look at Zombie Blood, a new energy drink that contains "the extra strong green zombie blood cells that helped zombies to become the strongest, most horrifying scourge on the face of our planet." And yes, it is a real product; I'm personally can't wait to try it.
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