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Joe Utichi reviewsWall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, writing that it does live up to the original, "striking an original direction and proving to be a masterful companion piece."

Celeb Sightings:
Daily Mail has some photos from the WS2 red carpet, including the one featured above. What is Oliver Stone looking at? Is he checking for Oswalds? Anyway, on the subject of Stone, Movieline wants to know if you think the guy should keep that 'stache. Additional celebs to be sighted from the premiere include Salma Hayek, Diane Lane and Michelle Yeoh. Speaking of Hayek, ever notice how her husband looks like Ed O'Neill? This shot of the couple from E! just reminded me of Modern Family. Monster & Critics has some pics of Liam Gallagher acting a fool and the young cast of Chatroom.

News from Cannes:Elizabeth director Shekhar Kapur has announced his next project, a sci-fi film titled Paani, which will be scored by Slumdog Millionaire composer AR Rahman and which like Solarbabies involves a water-less future. Also from Deadline, Danny Huston announces he's shooting an adaptation of Day of the Dead this year.

Russell Crowe humorously got offended during a radio interview with the BBC when his Robin Hood accent was put into question: "You've got dead ears, mate, seriously dead ears if you think there's an Irish accent."
Matt Bochenski at Little White Lies got to see a 3D demo reel of retrofit films, including Titanic, courtesy of XpanD. But the "yacht-struck" writer was more excited about the boat he was sitting on than the one in James Cameron's film.

Steve Pond at The Wrap gives credit to Gucci for helping in the restoration of Visconti's The Leopard.

Rachel Abramowitz at 24 Frames recognizes "class consciousness" as a trend at this year's fest.

"Carlos the Jackal" criticizes Olivier Assayas' new film about him (see below) from his prison cell: "I'm scandalised. It's shameful. "

Deals: Olivier Assayas' Carlos has been picked up jointly by IFC Films and the Sundance Channel (both owned by Rainbow Media). The latter will first premiere the 5 1/2 hour epic on cable before the former distributes it simultaneously to theaters and video on demand.

indieWIRE Love: For the minute-by-minute rundown of their third day, go here. Here are some highlights:
  • Oliver Stone talks WS2: "I am confused whether capitalism in its present form can work."
  • Eric Kohn reviews Cristi Puiu's Aurora: "Puiu invites repeat viewings-although his unhurried style is certain to turn some viewers off for the same reason it will turn others on."
  • Robin Hood wins over an "entertained" Leonard Maltin while Todd McCarthy says it features "no beating heart nor compelling raison d'etre" in a review double feature.
  • Sydney Levine is covering the fireworks and films of the Cannes Market, which features "1,500 screenings - 65 in 3D - 4,500 projects on offer and films combined, 450 international sales agents licensing films to 2,500 distributors from some 100 countries doing business to a tune of approximately 1 billion US dollars."

Tweets, Blurbs and Other Buzz:

Pete Hammond on Manoel De Oliveira's continued success at age 101: "Makes you wonder if Spielberg or Scorsese could still be at the top of their game in 2050!"

@cobblehillis (Aaron Hillis): "WALL STREET: THE QUICKENING (Stone): 2.5 hrs of bullet-point speeches about $$$. Mulligan cries, Langella hams, Sheen cameos, Shia lebeoufs."

@erickohn: "Scorsese in the house for THE LEOPARD: 'This is a film I live by every day of my life.'"
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