Mike and Doug who run the Awkward Family Photos website have been spreading the awkwardness with glee for some time now. They recently published a book that showcases the site's best submissions -- reminders of what hilarity ensues when family get togethers run amok and casual snapshots reveal more about the fam than you ever really wanted committed to print.

After the jump, check out a few images that take the "horror" of family photos to an entirely new level. Feel free to point out some of your favorites that look more suited for a fright flick than the family photo album.

You're next, brat.

Totally Amityville.

They kept stealing his Swingline stapler ...

It's a Lynchian Easter!

I know this one has made the rounds a bazillion times, but it's still a goodie.

How your standard evil henchman spends his day off -- torturing small children.

Awkward Family Photo's caption said it best: "He will cut you like a knife."

They say serial killers start engaging in sadistic activity or torturing small animals before moving to their human victims.

Colonel Sanders possesses the Easter Bunny and haunts Sear's portrait studio.
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