Have low expectations for this summer's A-Team movie? You're not alone, as it's come time for the obligatory criticisms from the original cast members. First up is Dirk Benedict, who played Faceman in the popular '80s TV series. He also appears in the remake, but not in the same role, which is instead filled by Bradley Cooper. About his part, Benedict told UK's Sunday Mercury it's an "insulting" three second cameo that he shares with original Murdock, Dwight Schultz. And he regrets doing it. Though he hasn't seen the movie yet, he presumes "they'll screw it up." Just like they did with Battlestar Galactica, he says.

At least Faceman isn't being played by an actress this time? Benedict also shares annoyance with the recent BSG redo because the character he originated, Lt. Starbuck, was "turned into a girl!" He compares the gender switch to changing Han Solo to "Hannah Solo" or casting Madonna in John Wayne's role in a Rio Bravo remake. The complaint is especially funny if you look at the Sunday Mercury's choice of photo to attach to the article. I know Benedict's Starbuck was a macho, womanizing guy, but the pic makes him look more girly than Katee Sackoff.
I'm all for thinking the A-Team movie will suck. However, Benedict does just come off as a bitter actor whose career was admittedly killed by that "stupid show." Part of the reason he sounds resentful, though, is the way the article's writer portrays him; he is at least quoted as saying he had a great time while doing The A-Team series and has no real problem with never having done another show afterward. Regardless, I have a feeling that after his pessimistic comments about the upcoming movie he won't be asked to do anymore cameo work either.
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