Like any good movie buff, I love trailers. I am one of those people who makes sure I'm nice and comfy in my theater seat before I see that green screen telling me that what I'm about to see is suitable for all audiences. So while I don't question the logic that makes me spend so much of my time avoiding commercials on the small screen, but rushing to catch one of the big-screen, when it comes to movie trailers, l don't miss a second of it. But as much as I may have a deep and abiding love for a good trailer, I know better than anyone that sometimes one will pull the wool over your eyes, and before you know it, the lights are on and the credits have rolled and you realize that there's two hours of your life (and twelve bucks) you're never getting back.

The last time I looked back at one of my selections for Terrific Trailers, I made mention of that sinking feeling you get in a theater when you realize that you have been; duped, hoodwinked, and downright bamboozled. Well, that wasn't the first time that I had been taken by a trailer, and when I stumbled across the original teaser for the 1996 disaster stinker Twister, I was (painfully) reminded of all the times that I've been out and out lied to by a quality teaser -- and I'm sure you have too. So in honor of the wasted hours we've spent watching crappy movies thanks to a slick trailer, today is all about; bad movies with good trailers.

After the jump; I present you with five 'bad' movies with good trailers...

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

It's been well documented that the original Chainsaw Massacrescares the bejesus out of me. So when I saw the first trailer for the Platinum Dunes remake, I was convinced that even a Michael Bay-produced movie starring Jessica Biel would be the source of a whole new round of psychological trauma for me. But as it turns out, this trailer was way scarier than anything the movie could come up with.


As I said earlier, Terminator Salvation has nothing on this '96 disaster movie for misleading trailers, and still holds the top spot for movies that may have put together a great trailer -- but the movie was downright terrible. Jan De Bont's action film starred Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt as recently separated tornado chasers, and unless you live to watch livestock fly across the screen, there isn't much to recommend this movie. But it did prove yet again that quality film making and box-office returns have nothing to do with one another, and this crappy flick was one of the highest grossing movies of that year.

The Village

While I don't harbor the Shyamalan hate that some do, there is no denying that his Twilight Zonesque flick about a group of 'Amish-types' hiding from the world was nowhere near as exciting as the story that was presented in this trailer -- and I don't know about you, but I would much rather have watched that movie. So like most people, I walked into The Village expecting something very different than what I got...and unfortunately, what I got wasn't that great .


What can look like rollicking B-movie fun in a two minute trailer, can become cringe-worthy in a longer format. Unfortunately for me, that is exactly what happened with Lawrence Kasdan's adaptation of Stephen King's novel about a group of friends whose camping trip turns 'gooey' when an alien plague erupts.


OK, I know what you are thinking, how could I be surprised that Roland Emmerich's tribute to the Japanese import was a critical failure? But I'll admit that when I first saw this trailer, I was suitably impressed; it had just enough teases of the big guy, and there was plenty of stuff getting wrecked; which is what Godzilla is about. So I came around to the idea that the new 'Master of Disaster' could pull off a respectable movie about the Green meanie wreaking havoc on NYC -- instead, I found out just how wrong I can be sometimes.

Leave your nominations for bad movie, good trailer combos in the comments below...