Nowhere Boy and Super 8 tied in last week's Trailer Park poll, which was in general pretty scattered as far as your votes went. Each received only about 20% of the vote, while Easy A, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work and Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage were all pretty close behind.

This week's crop of major release trailers is a tad disappointing, but that's what happens when the biggest new release is a kids' movie (the latest Shrek), you get a lot of new kids' movie trailers. Like the one for Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, which has some of the worst special effects I've seen in a long time. Plus reference to one of the oldest internet memes (the Hamster Dance) and yet another homage to the Silence of the Lambs face mask. Don't be surprised that it didn't rank on my trailer chart this week, even with little competition. Other animated films that are represented include the supervillain comedy Megamindand the Brazilian bird tale Rio.

Meanwhile, with Cannes finishing up this weekend, there are a few more festival selections making the cut this week. One of these, for Cristi Puiu's Aurora, is even my favorite of the week. Thanks to the commenter who linked me to this in last week's Trailer Park. Never hesitate to direct my attention to great new trailers, especially foreign and indie stuff, in the comments section. Anyway, at 3 hours, Puiu's latest is said to try its viewers' patience, but after The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, I've got all the patience in the world for more of the filmmaker's slow, darkly comic work. I don't care that it's not garnering the rave reviews that the Romanian new wave is used to receiving.

Check out the trailer for Aurora and this week's trailer chart and poll after the jump.

1. Aurora- Is that Jack Rebney ("Winnebago Man") speaking Romanian off camera in the gun store scene?

2. Winnebago Man (NSFW) - It's been a long time since Scott reviewed this at SXSW '09, and I'd forgotten how anxious I was to see it afterward. Having just taken a class on user-generated content, I'm even more curious about how this documentary explores the ideas of YouTube celebrity and the sardonic treatment of subjects in docs such as this.

3. Abel- Diego Luna's directorial debut looks like Freaky Friday without the body swapping, Son of Rambow without the video camera, Millions without the money and Valentin without the oversize glasses. But it looks charming in the way that only the best films about precocious kids can. I've been looking forward to this Cannes selection since it premiered at Sundance. Hopefully it will find a U.S. distributor soon.

4. Love Ranch- Taylor Hackford's attempt to be Martin Scorsese? Or at least Paul Thomas Anderson? Regardless, Joe Pesci is looking awesome in his old age. And Mirren in her old age? Let's just say I don't buy it in the trailer when she acts like she thinks she's too old to be attractive.

5. Iron Sky (Teaser 2) - Does this count as a real teaser if it's mostly just a call for crowdfunding? Maybe if the "send us money" title wasn't in there, I'd say so. But the Nazis in space film is still pretty cool looking and there aren't a whole lot of decent real trailers this week, so I'm including it. I guess I should also then at least acknowledge the Biutiful promo teaser, even if I don't rank it.

6. Megamind- Unlike in the teaser, Will Ferrell's voice doesn't seem too overpowering in this new full trailer. And if Tina Fey's involved, it can't be too bad. Still, I can't help but feel I've seen the gist of this movie before. Predictable indeed.

7. Barney's Version- I know this is another showcase for sad sack Paul Giamatti, but I would have liked to see more Minnie Driver.

8. Charlie St. Cloud- This is what it would look like if Zac Efron was on Lost. Okay, not really. This is what it would look like if Zac Efron played the Demi Moore role in Ghost. The ghost kid's name is even Sam.

9. Going the Distance - Charlie Day through the wall, eh? OK, now you're talking my language.

10. Rio- Should have known Jesse Eisenberg's whiny speech would be overkill in voice work. I'll only see this 3D animated film if the birds spend most of their time in the favelas. We need a good favela cartoon, no? Either way, the whole time I'm just going to be missing Jose Carioca, the Brazilian parrot from The Three Caballeros.