- He's Just Not That Into You director Ken Kwapis will direct a live-action movie based on Scott Adams' Dilbert comic strip, according to Pajiba's sources. Kwapis also directed episodes of The Office, so he seems a good fit. I don't know or care who might be fitting for the titular white-collar worker, but I hope Kwapis goes back to his Follow That Bird roots and gets Barkley to play Dogbert. He's too big and doesn't speak, but he's better than another CG talking dog, right?

- Speaking of The Office, Steve Carell is Warner Bros.' choice to play songwriter/producer Dennis Lambert ("Ain't No Woman Like the One I Got"; "Baby Come Back") in its proposed dramatic remake of the 2008 documentary Of All the Things. The original follows Lambert on tour in the Philippines, which is apparently the only place his 1972 solo album is popular. The studio doesn't own the rights to the doc yet, so this is likely just playful, wishful casting.
- Following his adaptation of On the Road, Walter Salles will direct Our Wild Life, about Kenyan elephant conservationist Daphne Sheldrick. And though it's a while away from shooting, Julia Roberts is reportedly in talks to play the lead. Also, the film has that new title, changed from Elephant Orphanage, a name which might remind too many people of lawsuits and how bad it might have been had Nick Cassavetes directed it.

- One day the lesbian werewolf movie Jack & Diane will be made. And when it is, perhaps Elvis' granddaughter Riley Keough (The Runaways) will be in it. She's the latest actress to fill one of the two titular lead parts in this long game of musical casting chairs. She replaces Olivia Thirlby, and her co-star for the moment is Juno Temple, who'd replaced Alison Pill, who'd replaced Ellen Page.

- Of all that era's Robert Downey, Jr. films, Soapdish is not the first I expected Hollywood to throw on the remake train. Not that I doubt Chances Are and Hearts and Soul redos aren't right around the corner. This time, the soap opera comedy will involve a telenovela, and I really hope RDJ at least cameos. If he can do blackface, he can play a Latino.

- Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi (Offside) has been released on bail after two months of questionable imprisonment, a recent hunger strike and much tearful support from Juliette Binoche and others at Cannes.

- I've always loved the idea of re-cut trailers that re-classify films into new genres, but I'm not sure it was too much of a stretch to turn (500) Days of Summer into a thriller about a stalking ex-boyfriend. Still, it's neat to see/hear what Zack Hemsey's Inception trailer music does for another movie's footage. I guess it's also particularly fitting because Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in both films. Check it out [via Awards Daily]:

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