I'm sure at some point while flipping through the cable stations you came across VH1's The Pickup Artist, which ran for two seasons (so far) and starred the self-proclaimed greatest pick-up artist ever, Mystery. His real name is Erik von Markovik, but in the world of pick-up artists, he goes by Mystery -- an author of several popular books, host of his own VH1 show and the guy who supposedly knows the tricks to picking up any woman at any time in any place.

Prior to the VH1 show, Mystery was also featured in a book called The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists, written by a journalist named Neil Strauss who penetrated the ultra-secretive world of pick-up artists, was mentored by an extremely dysfunctional Mystery (we're talking depression, crying fits, the whole nine yards), and went on to become what the pick-up artist community refers to as a PUG (pick-up guru). I've read the book -- not because I was looking to make moves on anyone, mind you, but because it's a pretty fascinating story packed full of all that good stuff like sex, drugs, lies, violence and betrayal.

Obviously Hollywood was all over this one early on, and Chris Weitz (The Twilight Saga: New Moon) was originally tapped to direct. Now, though, Variety says Ari Sandel (who won an Oscar for his short West Bank Story) is circling the project while Adam Sztykiel (Due Date) is rewriting the script. And if the film is anything like the book (or the TV show), prepare for women everywhere to cry foul.
Why? Because these guys are nasty, rude and definitely not the type you want around your sister/mother/wife/girlfriend. A woman to them is nothing more than a game (hence the title); a prop who exists solely for them to hone their craft. Falling in love, settling down or getting to know someone first is out of bounds -- all these guys care about is "number closing" (getting a girl's number), "kiss closing" (getting a kiss) and, of course, taking a girl home. In order to succeed they use techniques like throwing out a "neg" (talking down to a girl to get her more interested in you) and entering a "set" (where they have a rehearsed conversation that they can control).

Check out a video of Mystery explaining some of his beliefs below. He's actually a really smart guy who's even given lectures at MIT.

Sandel also helmed Vince Vaughn's traveling comedy tour movie, and is also signed to helm a film called Dancing with Myself. Casting The Game should be fun, and knowing Sandel's existing relationship with Vince Vaughn -- and after watching the video above -- I bet they're already considering Vaughn for the role, assuming they can get him to lose some weight. Mystery is the most interesting character in the book -- what with all his breakdowns and insecurities -- and so, in my opinion, the entire film really does hinge on who they cast as him.

You can watch Sandel's Oscar-winning short below. Have you read The Game? Know Mystery? Do you think this film has a chance to succeed?

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