Last September, DC Comics and Warner Bros stepped up their game and merged to become DC Entertainment. This monolith of movie production was set up in order to usher in more DC character franchises, and one of their first steps was to "recall" all characters like Wonder Woman and The Flash who had been in ongoing development under producers like Joel Silver. There was apparently no unity in the way things were being done, and DC Entertainment was going to change that. Well, that was almost a year ago. We've only seen The Green Lantern become a reality, though Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer brought Superman and Batman 3 back into the game.

Now, according to THR's Heat Vision Warner Bros is promising that DC Entertainment is moving again. Leading the charge is, naturally, Batman and Superman. Christopher Nolan's Batman 3 has been given a release date of July 20, 2012. Goyer's Superman reboot is aiming for a "holiday" release of 2012, so I imagine you'll see it in November or December.

But what about all those other DC characters? Will we ever see them? Well, you might finally see The Flash. Warner Bros promises it's closer to getting the greenlight. This confirms February rumors that they were on the hunt for a director, but that's scant news for Flash fans. They've been waiting for years, and through dozens of Ryan Reynolds rumors. They're hungry for a movie. Sadly, "closer to a green light" doesn't even give them a screenwriter to wonder about.

Warner Bros also promises that Aquaman, Wonder Woman are in active development -- but again, that's not new, as these characters have been in development for more than a decade. The Green Arrow, now that would have been new.

I can't help but compare them to Marvel, who has (reportedly) immediately put Joss Whedon to work on their characters as opposed to wasting his time with a Wonder Woman that never seems to become anything. The DC Universe still seems to bewilder Warner Bros, and the way Jonah Hex has been handled doesn't inspire a lot of confidence for characters big or small.

Nevertheless, there's hope. Things are still moving, though at a glacial pace compared to Marvel. You may have news of The Flash by ComicCon. And if all else fails, Warner Bros is also developing movies based on MAD magazine characters. You may not ever get Wonder Woman, but you could get Spy Vs Spy.
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