The other night a friend wrote that she went to see Iron Man 2 with her boyfriend "in exchange for the movie Babies." First, I just want to say it's funny yet necessary that she specified the movie, because otherwise that would have read very differently. Second, I'd like her and anyone else out there making similar exchanges to know that there's now a compromise: Iron Baby. It's only about a minute long, but this fake trailer features the best of both films: action and special effects mixed with a cute little infant. And instead of the superhero fighting terrorists, she's battling evil bunnies! So you kinda get a little One Crazy Summer in there, too.

I love how the video features little details adapted for the age shift. In addition to having the baby working on an abacus instead of a computer, she's got kiddie versions of classic hot rods in the background. And of course a giant teddy bear. Not that the stuffed animal has any original counterpart. But even a brilliant baby needs all the luxuries that any rich kid would own. I'm also thankful that there is only the one baby in there. It very well could have been longer and flooded with baby Pepper Potty and baby "Wodey," though as one commenter noted on the video's YouTube page, there might be room for a sequel featuring an African-American baby as Baby War Machine. All I have left to say: Awwwwwwwwwww.

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[via Pajiba]