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This week, we'll be re-thinking those plane tickets to...

quantum leap

Place: Anywhere in time and space Ziggy decides to take us -- It's Quantum Leap!
People/Characters: Scott Bakula played Dr. Sam Beckett, a scientist who became lost in time after his ambitious science experiment went "a little caca." Guided by an unknown mystical force, and a rickety AI system called Ziggy, Sam's consciousness "leaps" into different people's bodies throughout time. His mission is to "put right what once went wrong" in these people's lives with the help of his buddy Al (Dean Stockwell), who appears to him as a wisecracking, cigar-smoking hologram.

What Makes it Unique: You mean besides the insane premise? OK, let's talk tone. Quantum Leap had a lot of heart. Almost every episode left viewers feeling like Ma or Pa Kent had tucked them into bed after reading a nice, warm bedtime story and fluffing up their pillow. Quantum Leap was a warm and tender show, but it was rarely cheesy. OK, it was a little cheesy, but It was also a clever and somewhat subversive series that offered a great mix of sci-fi, fantasy, drama, and comedy along with a little helping of social and historical commentary. And you can't count out the nostalgia factor. Sam's leaps usually landed him anywhere between the early 1950s and late 1980s, giving TV addicts a comfy and familiar vibe during the Nick at Night era.

Verdict: Revisit as a rebooted TV series ... with my dream cast: Lost stars Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) as Sam, and Jeremy Davies (Daniel Faraday) as Al. Yep, you read that right, brotha!

lost faraday desmond abc

Reason: A Quantum Leap reboot is probably gonna happen eventually, so why not make it interesting?

Like many Lost fans, one of my favorite episodes is season four's "The Constant," which follows Desmond frantically skipping through time and finally finding his way back to the present with the help of Daniel Faraday. The episode, though much darker and more ... er ... Lost-ish in tone than Quantum Leap ever was, reminded me of Sam and Al's adventures hopping through time and Sam's wish to get back home.

I never thought a modern Quantum Leap update could work until I saw "The Constant." The Lost team basically took a similar premise, tweaked it a little, and made the whole thing much more intimate, personal and believable. I loved how Faraday grounded Desmond's time tripping in science, and the urgency of Desmond's plight made for one of the most compelling episodes of the series ever. Also, Cusick and Davies are both crazy awesome; so it was great seeing them spend so much screen time together.

Now that Lost is over and done with, the cast members are free to pursue other long-term projects. If Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson can shop around a show where they play hitman buddies, why can't Cusick and Davies cash in on their proven onscreen chemistry in a Quantum Leap redo?

It could work. We all know that Cusick is more than capable of playing a sensitive and adventurous leading man. And how cool would it be to see Jeremy Davies doing his take on Dean Stockwell's most popular character?

So I need a partner to pitch this to the networks, preferably someone who knows Cusick and Davies, like, really really well. So who's in? You get 'em to sign off on the idea, and I'll download an illegal copy of Final Draft and start writing the treatment. Let's do this.
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