- Leave it to the typical liberal media elite to cover up the real story of what happened in Guatemala yesterday. (On a more serious note, if you'd like to donate money for aid to Guatemala, BoingBoing has a helpful set of links to corresponding charities.)

- Milla Jovovich has confirmed that Sienna Guillory will indeed be back in Resident Evil: Afterlife as Jill Valentine. The teenager gamer in me is not embarrassed in the least to admit how excited this makes him. "Blue halter top and miniskirt or bust", he also is not afraid to admit.

- Travis Beacham, whose original script for Clash of the Titans is widely regarded to have had far more promise than the mess that ended up on screen, is a busy man these days. Along with Fincher's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, he'll be writing Pacific Rim, a sci-fi film about humans having to band together to kill some kind of malevolent creatures, for Legendary Pictures. As with almost everything Legendary makes, this will be a "tent pole event film".

- Luc Besson is just one of several producers who are teaming with EuropaCorp to put together a crowd-sourced feature film. So if you'd like to share a film credit with the man who made The Fifth Element, head over to we-are-producteurs.com. Knowing French will probably be a bit of a help.

- Sad Mummy has a message for all the Twilight-influenced wannabe vampires and werewolves out there:

- Barry Meyer, CEO of Warner Bros., has clarified a few release dates, the biggest of which is a December 16th, 2011 slot for Sherlock Holmes 2. Looks like they'll be wasting little time on putting it into production.

- The original King Kong is set to hit Blu-ray on September 28th. This new disc will have all the special features of the recent DVD release, but it will also come with a 32-page booklet authored by film historian Rudy Behlmer.

- FSR has a great list of 20 Movie Icons You Didn't Know Were in the Military. Some of these were surprises to me...

- Les Grossman, Tom Cruise's vitriol-spewing harpoon of a character from Tropic Thunder, will be a "live producer" on this year's MTV Movie Awards. Sure, it's a promotional gimmick to make people forget about Cruise's stranger side a few weeks before Knight and Day comes out, but that's fine with me if it means more Les Grossman.

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