Well, since our inaugural entry of The Remake Game (concerning The Godfather) proved to be more fun than contentious, we're back with another theoretical cast for another unspeakable remake -- Jaws. Remember: first comes whatever obvious cast we think Hollywood would go for, then who we think should get the parts, before opening it up for your comments and contributions.

So, in the Hollywood version, we'd probably end up with:

  • Bradley Cooper as aqua-phobic police chief Martin Brody
  • Maggie Grace as wife Ellen Brody
  • either Danny Huston or Oliver Platt for sleazy mayor Larry Vaughn
  • Zach Galifianakis as the more evidently comical sidekick, Matt Hooper
  • Gerard Butler as badass shark hunter Quint (but only after Christian Bale drops out over creative differences)
  • and the shark ends up mostly computer-generated with occasional practical effects.

However, in my ideal version, we're looking at:

  • Aaron Eckhart as Chief Brody
  • Michelle Williams as Ellen Brody
  • Michael Shannon as Mayor Vaughn
  • Donald Glover as Hooper (if he doesn't land Spidey, of course)
  • Shea Whigham for Quint
  • the shark is mostly practical with some CGI bits.

Now, a while back, I remember Weinberg and I having a conversation in which we ended up casting the Apatow gang in such a project. So, if Ghostbusters 3 falls through, the comedy version could feasibly have:

  • Paul Rudd for Brody
  • Leslie Mann for Ellen
  • Steve Carell for the Mayor
  • Jonah Hill for Hooper
  • John C. Reilly for Quint (sorry, Seth Rogen)
  • the shark's a puppet voiced by Jason Segel

Now it's your turn. Tell us who you'd rather cast as:

  • Martin Brody (Roy Scheider's role),
  • Ellen Brody (Lorraine Gary),
  • Mayor Vaughn (Murray Hamilton),
  • Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss),
  • and Quint (Robert Shaw).

And yes, let's assume that it'll be in 3-D. Hell, probably 4-D by that point.
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