scream drew barrymore

It's a franchise tradition for Wes Craven to hack and/or slash a pretty screen starlet to death in the opening moments of every Scream movie. Drew Barrymore received the first deathblow in the 1996 original, and Will Smith's squeeze Jada Pinkett met her end in the opening reel of Scream 2. (What's that? There was a Scream 3? Hmm, that's interesting ... well, moving on ...) So who will we the Munch-masked killer slice to bits at the start of Scream 4?

Dimension Films recently debunked a report that Jennifer Aniston was going to play the first victim in Craven and writer Kevin Williamson's upcoming sequel. According to Star Magazine -- the number two source for fake news behind The Onion -- Aniston signed to cameo in the flick as a favor to pal Courteney Cox, who is reprising the role of Gale Weathers alongside franchise vets Neve Campbell and David Arquette. Emma Roberts, Lake Bell and Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere are also joining the cast (with Roberts reportedly replacing Ashley Greene in a leading role).
Could Panettiere or Bell end up being the movie's first victim? It's doubtful. Panettiere is supposedly playing a movie geek, and Bell is taking on the role of a cop from Sydney Prescott's (Campbell) hometown. I'm guessing Craven and crew will try to lock down a different name actress to play the first kill.

So who should it be? Anyone have a guess or maybe a dream-casting scenario? My Twilight-hating heart would swell at the thought of seeing Kristen Stewart slaughtered onscreen. Or maybe Craven should go old school and court Halloween scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis for the cameo. Let's hear your picks in the comments.
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