- Students at Minnesota's Carleton College gave the school's observatory an appropriate facelift, as seen above (and on Facebook). Now astrology astronomy can be fun as you look up at the stars and imagine galactic battles between good and evil.

- The Wrap hearsDaniel Craig is having dinner with David Fincher this Friday night. Why? Not because the director is a fan of the Bond movies (though he may be), but rather to discuss another potential franchise for the actor. Craig is reportedly interested in and could be a frontrunner (instead of Brad PItt) for the lead in Sony's English-language remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, as well as its two planned sequels. Interestingly enough, if he takes the gig he might end up working opposite Carey Mulligan, who also has the chance of working with director Sam Mendes this year. Maybe she'll get along so well with the two well enough that she'll end up cast as Miss Moneypenny in the next 007 film, whenever it ends up being made.

- Ready for a Rush Limbaugh biopic that's being sold as "Citizen Kane meets Private Parts" with some W. thrown in? Deadline reports that a writer/producer named James Sclafani is shopping a script around, so let's begin the casting ideas. I've heard everyone from James Gandolfini to Philip Seymour Hoffman, but I'm going with the other Truman Capote portrayer (and W. actor): Toby Jones.
- Take a virtual trip to Universal Studios' rebuilt New York Street backlot (replacing the one destroyed in a 2008 fire) and the new London Square sets courtesy of indieWIRE's Anne Thompson. She has video of Steven Spielberg and Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking at the unveiling as well as footage from a tram tour of the lots.

- Few people annoy me more with their man on the street shtick than comedian Billy Eichner, but his latest harassment of Chelsea, Manhattan residents, in which he screams on and on about Sex and the City 2 and Cynthia Nixon being on a camel, is better than usual. But I give credit mainly to the poor woman who's just trying to get a mystery meat out of her dog's mouth. And extra credit to the dog himself, who, in case you don't speak canine, is trying to say that his most anticipated summer movie is Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Just kidding, it's Marmaduke, obviously.

Here's an interesting tagline: "Black is the new big." Umm. And here is an interesting trailer for Fox's new version of Gulliver's Travels, which really, really takes its sweet time getting to the goods. And I'm not talking about Jack Black, who's in there right away, playing with Star Wars toys. I'm talking about a teeny, tiny Emily Blunt.