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This week, we'll be re-thinking those plane tickets to...

Place: Earth, 2033 C.E., 11 years after a comet turned our lush planet into arid wastelands.

People/Characters: Tank Girl (Lori Petty), Jet Girl (Naomi Watts), T-Saint (Ice T), Kesslee (Malcom McDowel)

What Makes it Unique: A frantic, kitchen-sink approach to creating a world where water is an ever-precious commodity. Characters who are too punk to be taken seriously and were thus destined for "cult" fandom instead of mainstream fascination. Super soldiers who are half human, half kangaroo and brought to life with outstanding make-up effects from Stan Winston studios. A very attractive, very spunky Lori Petty.

Verdict: Revisit it as a Farscape-esque TV show.

Reason: First off, Tank Girlnever really went away. It's based on a comic series that has continued to tell Tank Girl stories long after the film flopped around like a dead fish at the box office. That said, as fun (and surprisingly vulgar) as the comics are, the printed page is not how I want to revisit my favorite heavy-weapons driving punk. I'm also not all that interested in seeing a second feature film based on the character's wacky adventures across the wastelands, but I would be very keen to see a television series.

I see it as a Farscape-esque show that finds our core group of heroes traveling around earth in a giant tank, doing good deeds wherever they can. Keep a Ripper or two (the aforementioned half humans/half kangaroos) around for diversity, but also begin to introduce other make-up heavy species to play around with. Tank Girl can continue to rage against the Water & Power megacorp that makes up the core conflict of the film, but it's also an opportunity to bring in more villains-of-the-week to help frame TG as the crusader of the wastelands she is.

Plus, there really is just a sad dearth of stylized television series. For me, Rachel Talalay's Tank Girl film is the epitome of the hyper-stylized MTV generation that defined pop culture in the early '90s. It kind of bums me out that lust for personality died out along with MTV culture. It'd be nice to have a sci-fi/fantasy show on the air that doesn't look like every single other sci-fi fantasy show on the air.
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