I know what you are thinking: "yup, this girl has officially lost it if she thinks a Megan Fox movie deserves a spot in Scenes We Love.'' But sometimes it's that one good scene in an otherwise so-so movie that will stand out to me, and besides, it wasn't like I was expecting much when I sat down to watch Jennifer's Body. But, what I was hoping for was the chance to see Fox to do a role with a little more substance and frankly the idea of a boy-eating cheerleader tickled my (horror) funny bone. But like most people, I wasn't wowed by the finished product, and unfortunately the film wound up as an example of everything that is (purportedly) wrong with the writing of Diablo Cody -- but my dissatisfaction came from a a place a little more random.

So here goes; in the end what ticked me off about this 'feminist' horror was that nobody spared a moment of sympathy for poor old Jennifer. When it comes down to it, yeah, Jennifer was a bit of a bitch, but she was a teenage girl (hardly the most reliable moral compass) and her sad and gruesome death at the hands of a bunch of Satan worshiping hipsters was a surprisingly effective moment in an otherwise shallow movie. Maybe I'm off the mark here, but wasn't Jennifer 'cursed' in a way? All that talk about hunger and getting sick if she didn't eat -- that doesn't exactly sound like she had a real choice in the matter.
But instead of making a film that dealt with the idea of loving someone who's compelled to do bad things (and by loving, not the ham-handed lesbian vibe Body went for) or anything remotely interesting, the movie just had them fight over a boy. At the time, critics argued that the film was an attempt to illustrate girl-on-girl crime and how it haunts most female friendships, but unfortunately the lackluster horror and rambling plot overshadowed whatever big ideas might have been at work in the background.

Well, the funny thing is that for all of it's faults, there was one moment in this movie that I can say I loved without a doubt, which for the sake of brevity I will simply refer to as 'Needy's Revenge'. In the final scene of the film we get a glimmer of the movie that could have been, and after Jennifer has long been dispatched from the story, 'Needy' (played by Amanda Seyfried) finally gets her stuff together and we see the photographic evidence of her vengeance. In those brief moments, we finally get to see the real villains (better known as the fictional band, Low Shoulder) get their due, and maybe it's twisted, but as a viewer, it was awfully satisfying. Those final frames almost made up for everything that came before, it's just too bad it was too little too late -- just like Needy's urge to avenge her friend.

Unfortunately, the scene in question isn't available (I guess you are just going to have to watch the whole movie), but instead let's content ourselves with a little borrowed 'girl power' from The Runaways. But be warned, there are spoilers in this tribute.

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