Godfather, Casablanca, E.T.

Admit it. There's one movie (at least one) that you've never seen, that's part of the popular culture, that you keep meaning to see and really should have seen -- but for whatever reason, you haven't.

So you're at a cocktail party, or at work, or hanging out with your friends. The subject of that movie comes up. And as everyone enthusiastically chats away about it, you're forced to admit, "I've never seen ____." The universal response: "WHAT?!"

Just like everyone else, we here at Moviefone know what that feels like. In fact, though we pride ourselves on being big movie fans, we, too, have our deep, shameful unseen-movie secrets -- and in the matter of full disclosure and maximum embarrassment, we (and some of our friends) are now sharing them with you.

We know, we know. We'll put these movies in our Netflix queues, we promise. But before you start judging us, we turn the same question back on you: What movie have YOU never seen? Tell us in the comments or tweet it: @moviefone #neverseenit (WHAT?!)

Raiders of the Lost ArkAny Indiana Jones movie

I'm a girly girl and not ashamed to admit it! The fighting, the snakes, scenes in caves ... no, thank you! But I will admit, Harrison Ford in his heyday can't be ignored much longer. - Alicia Roda, associate editor, Moviefone

My husband still threatens to divorce me over this one. - Lesley Kallet Rose, partner relations director, Moviefone

'A Christmas Story'
By the time that movie came out, I was too old for it ... and even though it's on TV every year, I don't like watching movies with commercials in them. Still, I've just been told that it's "a perfect movie," so, sigh, guess I'm going to have to add it to my Netflix queue. - Patricia Chui, managing editor, Moviefone

'It's a Wonderful Life'
Perhaps because it's on network TV every year, I've never felt any pressure to actually tune in and watch the whole thing. I mean, there's always next year, right? Plus, I've seen those iconic final scenes dozens of times already, and I know that "every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings." But this holiday season I promise I'll DVR it. Really. - Sandra Deane, editorial director, Moviefone

'The Princess Bride'
It always seemed a bit frilly and girly and princessy to me, though I hear that it's really not. Is it? - Chris Jancelewicz, editor

'A Nightmare on Elm Street' and 'Friday the 13th'
I've never seen any of the Elm Street movies, the Friday the 13th movies, or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. Chalk it up to general squeamishness. Anyway, I think 'Scream,' as a deconstructionist genre parody, pretty much spoiled them all for me. - Gary Susman, writer, Moviefone

'Apocalypse Now'
I've seen bits of it, of course ("I love the smell of napalm in the morning"), but I've never seen the entire movie -- maybe because I've read the original story, 'Heart of Darkness,' or because I'm not really into war movies. Now, anytime I think about finally watching it, the three-plus hour running time of the redux version is just too daunting. - Kelly Woo, senior editor, AOL Television

E.T. The Extraterrestrial'E.T.'
Tried to watch as an adult and never got past the first 30 minutes. - Chantal Thomas, senior programming manager, Moviefone

'The Sound of Music'
When you're a kid it just looks like 'Mary Poppins' without the cartoons, and with added Nazis. - Eric Larnick, editorial assistant

'The Godfather'
Yes, I've never seen 'Godfather,' and I'm not embarrassed. I wasn't even born when the first two films came out. I'm probably more embarrassed for not getting into 'Lost' until it was in its fourth season. - Chris Harnick, editorial assistant, AOL Television

'The Godfather'
I tried!!! But it wasn't good? Maybe I didn't give it a shot. On more than one occasion though, I've pretended to have seen it ... I know that there was a horse's head in someone's bed. Right? - Lindsey Weber, community editor, Urlesque

'The Shawshank Redemption'

I'd like to use the excuse that I was 10 when 'Shawshank Redemption' came out and thus never got around to seeing it. But I can't, since 'Pulp Fiction' is one of my favorite movies and I saw 'Schindler's List' a year earlier. But now, it's become sort of personal goal NOT to watch, as everyone talks about how great it is, and I'm certain to be disappointed. Plus, every single one of my ex-boyfriends lists that as their top film, and there's a reason we no longer date. - Denise Warner, editor, PopEater

'Rocky' and 'Rambo'
Never seen a 'Rocky' or 'Rambo' flick. I feel dirty for being unschooled on Sly's biggest flicks, but heroic for evading two of TV's favorite franchises for more than two decades. - Zach Dionne, editorial assistant, PopEater

Gone With the Wind'Gone With the Wind'
I can hum that theme music like nobody's business based on all of AFI Greatest Moments specials that 'GWTW' always finds a way to be on, which serve as constant reminders of how lame it is that I've never seen it. - Jason Kaufman, editor-in-chief, PopEater

'Gone With the Wind'
Please don't judge me. I just don't have 238 minutes to sit and watch Scarlett O'Hara try to figure out which man she may or may not want to be with. That's what I have reality TV for. Plus, this story is so well known, and I already know the plot, so why watch it? My friends adore this movie and think I'm crazy for never attempting to sit and watch this "classic" film -- even once. - Amber James, editor, PopEater

'Gone With the Wind' and 'Casablanca'
I really do have an appreciation for the classics ('Citizen Kane' is top three on my all-time list), but somehow haven't gotten around to watching these gems. I'm aware of how sad and ridiculous that is. - Mike Hess, managing editor, PopEater

I've never seen it because a) I'm lazy and just never got around to renting it, and b) I've always known how the film ends. - Erik Davis, editor-in-chief, Cinematical

'Pretty in Pink'
The movie opened one month and four days after I was born. Sure, my mom took me to see R-rated movies in the third grade ('The Pelican Brief'!), but come on. - Andy Scott, news editor, Moviefone

'La Dolce Vita'
Yes, I know, it's Fellini's seminal epic and a masterpiece of modern cinema ... and its got Anita Ekberg at her buxom best ... and the famous scene of a helicopter flying over Rome dangling a statue of Christ ... I don't know why I've never seen it (well, it is three hours long). OK, OK, I'll rent it. - Harley Lond, night editor, Moviefone

I can't stand Chevy Chase ... - Elizabeth Brady, assistant programming manager, Moviefone

'The Departed'
I really don't have a good reason -- sheer laziness, I guess. I actually own the DVD, which makes it even more shameful. - Fredy Perojo, senior photo editor, Moviefone

'Taxi Driver'
Don't know if that's blasphemous or not. I went to film school, so it might only be crazy there. - Gabrielle Dunn, editorial assistant, Moviefone

'Raging Bull'
I like sports movies, and Scorsese movies, so I don't really know why I've missed 'Raging Bull.' But, it happened. I blame the black and white. - Alex Moaba, associate editor, Moviefone


What about you? What classic movie are you ashamed you've never seen?

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