star trek hidden frontierWe nerds are a pretty creative bunch. When we're not watching hours and hours of Buffy reruns or adding Wordpress widgets to our blogs, we can usually be found doing some very inventive and nerdy stuff, like R2D2-ing a giant dome building or fashioning an At-At bunk bed out of plastic pipes and wood.

Some of us even express our nerdiness/fandom through filmmaking, like J.T. Tepnapa and Carlos Pedraza, the guys behind the fan film series Star Trek: Phase II and Star Trek: Hidden Frontier. Sure, these Trek fan flicks might not be as impressive as, say, that ultraviolent Mortal Kombat short that popped up the other day, but they're still a lot of fun to watch, and they sometimes feature themes, like living with AIDS and homosexuality, that cannon Trek rarely, if ever, touches on.

After years of writing, directing and starring in Star Trek fan films, Tepnapa and Pedraza are starting production on their first non-Trek inspired indie feature, Judas Kiss.
The flick stars Caprica actor Richard Harmon (he played Heracles, the dude who helped guide Joseph and Tamara Adama through the virtual game). In Judas Kiss, Harmon reportedly plays a gay student at a school that exists "at the crossroads of parallel timelines." Harmon also played a small role in Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

Tepnapa and Pedraza will chat about the flick's plot a little more in a recorded interview with Airlock Alpha, which will start streaming later tonight. They're billing the movie as "Sliding Doors meets A Christmas Carol," which sounds nerdy enough for me. I say we celebrate these Trek geeks for their passion and for having the guts and follow through to get their unique vision onscreen. Why not? Nerds getting together to do nerdy stuff in film should always be celebrated.
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