Now that Iron-Man 2 mania has died down, superhero fans around the globe have turned their attention to the next mega release from Marvel -- the long-awaited Thor. Entertainment Tonight got to spend time on the set recently and they've been kind enough give us all a peak at how the project is progressing.

The bulk of the four-minute-and-twenty-second piece is comprised of interview footage with stars Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, but director Kenneth Branagh chimes in too -- and if you keep your eyes peeled, you'll see a few seconds of Anthony Hopkins in his Odin garb.

It's your typical ET fluff piece, but viewers get to see some footage from the film (albeit nothing too Earth-shatteringly awesome, but still ... ), and Hemsworth and Portman definitely seem to get on well enough, which hopefully translates to the screen. The funniest moment in the interview has nothing at all to do with Thor, but the revelation that Hemsworth appeared on the Aussie version of Dancing with the Stars (which was news to Portman). Hemsworth explains that appearing on the program has helped him in everything he's done since and that it's incredibly prestigious in Australia. Who knew The God of Thunder had such a charming sense of humor?

Hit the jump to see the video and hear Hemsworth discuss the pressure of playing one of comic-dom's most iconic characters.
In one of the interview's more candid moments, Hemsworth does admit to feeling some pressure in taking on the role. Marvel's films have done well at the box office and he's aware of not only that but how the source comics are successful as well. Hemsworth seems to genuinely want the film to succeed and has dedicated himself to making it happen. One way that dedication is apparent is in the actor's physique, which he says took six months of training to achieve. It's a topic that comes up often in the interview, with Branagh, Portman, and Hemsworth himself all discussing his bigger buffer build at different points. So, does this first look at what Marvel is cooking up for next summer have you longing to book a trip to Asgard, or does the sight of Anthony Hopkins in an eye-patch make you nervous? Let us know below.