The idea mill has run drier than we could have ever imagined. How many versions of The Wizard of Oz can you stomach before you say: "Enough is enough!"? We're already contending with remake mania, and Hollywood's love of dueling features based on the same story, but now they're taking it a step further.

In March, Elisabeth shared news that two Oz features were in the works. Warner Bros.' attempt details Dorothy's granddaughter heading to Oz, and somehow involved Todd McFarlane (Twisted Land of Oz). The other, coming from New Line, has a script by Darren Lemke, but remains under wraps. Then, a month later, we learned that Sam Mendes was gearing up for Oz: The Great and Powerful and was looking to cast Robert Downey Jr. as the big man himself.

Now, there's option number FOUR, an animated Oz fueled by the power of Glee.
Variety reports that Summertime Entertainment has got an animated 3D musical called Dorothy of Oz in the works, and Lea Michele (Glee's resident keener diva, Rachel Berry) will voice the lead in her feature film debut, and, of course, sing. The film will focus on Dorothy returning to "a tornado-devastated Kansas and then being transported back to Oz to help her friends," and will be set to original music written by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance.

While it's certainly tiresome to have another Oz flick in the works, at least there's a good cast for this one: Jim Belushi is the Lion, Dan Aykroyd is the Scarecrow, and Kelsey Grammer is the Tin Man. Additionally, Oliver Platt will play a dude called Wiser the Owl, Megan Hilty will be the China Princess, Hugh Dancy is Marshall Mallow, and Martin Short (yay!) will be Dorothy's arch-nemesis, the Jester.

There is some confusion about casting. Many sites are reporting that Kristin Chenowith (also from Glee) has a role as well, and that the news comes from Variety. She is not mentioned in the Variety post I reference, which supports the NY Post's news that a rep for the film reported that "some or all of this casting information may not be accurate."

Now it's a race to the finish line to see who gets their features on screens first, before the audience's Oz tolerance runs dry. Summertime hopes to complete the film by the end of next year, so it's still anyone's game.

Is Glee enough to excuse Oz project number four?
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