Life is heating up for Doctor Who alums this week. After news that John Barrowman's Torchwood would hit stateside, it looks like Billie Piper, who played companion Rose Tyler on the popular BBC reboot, might be ready to take her latest series -- Secret Diary of a Call Girl -- to the big screen.

For the uninitiated, the show is based on the series of books by an anonymous Belle de Jour about a young woman -- named after the Luis Buñuel's famous film -- who becomes a high-class London call girl. (The real Belle revealed her true identity -- she's a research scientist -- late last year.) In the series, Belle deals with a large array of prostitute problems from safety, to keeping her professional life separate from her private life, to the many trials and tribulations of picky customers. The show manages to stay fresh, however, by portraying a smart woman who likes what she does, rather than being forced into it by the woes of life.

And now, as the show heads into its fourth and final season, the Call Girl folks are looking toward Hollywood.
If The Sun is to be believed, the saucy series will become a Hollywood movie after the completion of the final season. Piper told TV Biz: "I'm about to start filming the fourth series and then that will be it. I'm not sure it has legs past four seasons so we're trying to develop a movie." Not surprisingly, the plan is to enter the Sex and the City type market, as the show currently airs on the other biggie -- Showtime -- stateside.

The question becomes just how a movie can do what a series cannot. The show's seasons are ridiculously short as it is -- only 8 22-minute episodes per season -- so if they can't fill up eight short eps, who knows how they'll tackle a feature film. Most likely, it would mean re-visiting past themes because while it has marketability, it doesn't have the undying fandom of SatC, so it's not like the masses know about her forays as a courtesan, heading out on her own, dating a doctor, or finally writing a book about her experiences.

Personally, I'd like to see it diverge completely from the series and focus more on the real Belle herself, but that probably won't happen.

What say you, movie fans? Is it time for Billie Piper to hit the big screen?
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