For many Lord of the Rings fans, there is only one filmmaker to rule them all: Peter Jackson. To these loyalists, he is the only suitable person to direct the two installments of The Hobbit, especially now that Guillermo del Toro has vacated the gig. Joining the fans in this belief are the two studios producing the LOTR prequels, Warner Bros. and MGM, both of which Deadline reports are "doing all they can to sell Jackson on the seemingly obvious notion that he should complete the franchise he started."

So forget the claim that Harry Potter vet David Yates is "the top choice," as rumored yesterday. He is at least one of the contenders, however, if Jackson ends up declining. Deadline also names two very, very, very unsuitable directors: David Dobkin, best known for Wedding Crashers, whose most fantastical work was Fred Claus (would he have to find some role for Vince Vaughn?) and, umm, Brett Ratner. You know, that guy who ruined another fanboy franchise.
Here's hoping WB and MGM execs have let those latter names slip as a way of enticing Jackson to take the gig. There's no way he'd want his beloved series to fall into the hands of someone like Ratner, right? I mean, even if he thought the guy could do a good job, Jackson would have to answer to the majority of fans that disagree. I still wish there was another visionary filmmaker who could take over, as I liked the idea of seeing another director's take on Middle Earth.

No, not Dobkin or Ratner, or even Yates, probably. But after seeing the new red-band trailer for Centurion, I think I could go for a bloody, R-rated installment from Neil Marshall. Or, if the studios wanted something more family friendly, perhaps our readers' suggestion of Del Toro's buddy Alfonso Cuaron is a good choice?
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