Last we heard from the wildly unique Guy Maddin, he was shocking small theaters will his risque shortThe Little White Cloud That Cried, made in honor of underground filmmaker Jack Smith. The last time we got a feature, however, it was the partially autobiographical, docufantasia homage to his hometown, My Winnipeg, two years ago.

But get ready, Maddin fans -- it's time for his next feature-length film. As he told us from TIFF last fall, he's been working on a "kind of Internet, interactive choose-your-own adventure movie labyrinth" called Keyhole. Now he's finally ready to make it, with a cast that intermingles old-school Maddin collaborators with new (and very surprising) names, and it's not a story completely of his own creation. It's his take on Homer's Ulysses. Intrigued? Hit the jump for all of the juicy details.
The Winnipeg Free Press reports that Guy will begin shooting Keyhole on July 6 (in Winnipeg, of course), and he's gathered Jason Patric, Udo Kier, Kevin McDonald (a Kids in the Hall alum), and one of his most wonderful collaborators, Ms. Green Porno herself, Isabella Rossellini.

From the film's synopsis the WFP infers that Patric will play Ulysses Pick, "a gangster who returns home after a long absence toting a drowned girl, Denny, who has mysteriously returned to life, and a bound-and-gagged hostage, who is actually his own teenage son, Manners." Pick's odyssey doesn't stretch very far though -- it follows him through his own house, room by room, "until he arrives in the boudoir of his wife Hyacinth (Rossellini)."

While it might sound like the choose-your-own-adventure bend is just in the homey (pun alert!) odyssey, that probably comes into play with the Internet material he's shooting at the same time, using the same sets and actors to tell additional stories:
I'm remaking a lot of lost movies. All those directors from the first generation that straddled the silents and talkie period have one and sometimes 10 lost films. It's been haunting me my whole life and I figured the only way I'd ever get to see these things was if I just made my own versions of them. So a bunch of us are getting together and making, oh, about 1,028 lost films, some of them extremely short but some of them in the five- to 15-minute range.They'll be shot on the same set and the same studio using some of the same actors. It's like the ghost narratives of the lost films are sort of possessing the characters of the feature and forcing them to act out lost movie narratives.
Jason Patric in lost films? With Udo Kier and Kevin McDonald? I smell a wide-spread successor to The Saddest Music in the World, especially when a bunch of Maddin shorts get thrown on the Internet to pique interest. Stay tuned for more goodies as they hit.
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