- During the Scott Weinberg-moderated Directing the Dead panel at SXSW, Robert Rodriguez mentioned that he and a bunch of other horror directors get together every now and then in LA for a "Masters of Horror" dinner. A few days ago James Gunnhappened to tweet the above picture from one such meeting of the macabre minds. Try to see how many you can name and then head over to Gunn's site to see how many you got right.

- Paramount has signed a deal with popular rental service Redbox to make all of their new releases available day-and-date for the next few years. According to the studio's own internal research, rental availability has not affected their DVD sales in any major way, which, to me, is a pleasant little mockery of the 28-day delay period 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers and Universal all force Redbox to wait through.

- Michael Hogan, who sci-fi fans should recognize as Colonel Saul Tigh from Battlestar Galactica, has been cast as a "mysterious character" in Catherine Hardwicke's Red Riding Hood. With Hogan now joining Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman, I'm actually becoming interested in yet another teen-aimed "supernatural romance".
- Doug Liman has emerged as the front runner to direct an adaptation of the graphic novel All You Need is Kill for Warner Brothers about a soldier who keeps waking up on the battlefield a day prior to his death.

- You know, I was actually really looking forward to Knight and Day until I saw these atrocious "viral" videos for the film (via FilmDrunk). Way to undo good will, 20th Century Fox.

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