Yesterday, we brought you news about YooStar 2, a new game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 that's currently on display at E3. We're not a gaming site, but this title caught our attention because it promised us the experience of playing "movie karaoke" -- or in other words, it uses the newfangled cameras of the Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move to superimpose our image into famous film scenes and allows the player to act out the action and dialogue. Leonard Nimoy gave an official demo of the title, appearing as the T-800 from the Terminator movies -- and it was cool, so we wanted to know more.

YooStar's Content Acquisition VP Nick Reichenbach was nice enough to answer some of our questions about the product, which is due out in time for the holidays. Hit the jump to find out the answers to questions about who YooStar 2 is partnering with studio-wise, whether you might see your favorite R-rated scenes in the game, and lots more.
One of the things that intrigued me most was how this thing works. So, I asked Nick if he could tell me a bit of the tech behind how YooStar2 works in layman's terms. He explained that it uses the Kinect or Move's camera and a green screen effect that "allows users to seamlessly become part of their favorite films by just stepping into the scene."

That sounds pretty cool, but it's all for naught if they don't have scenes players want to step into. Getting rights to use content would seem to be a potential minefield, so I wondered if YooStar had already started to work on procuring rights and who they'd lined up. Nick tells us, "We have some fantastic partnerships with Paramount, MGM, Lionsgate, CBS, Warner Brothers, Universal and many more. The studios have been very receptive to Yoostar as we are constantly signing new partnerships for content."

He goes on to explain that those partnerships have allowed them to come up with scenes that will cover a wide range of film categories and eras of movie history. "We have content from a variety of genres from the 1940's through current films and television content of today." Nick also added that "We do have plans in the works for bundles (meaning prepackaged sets of scenes based on genres, directors, or eras), but nothing is official at this time."

One potential bummer is that it seems unlikely that players will be able to replicate scenes with profanity or objectionable content from R-rated films. YooStar 2 is rated T for Teen and will only feature content that is appropriate for that rating and below. My dream of playing Travis Bickle just died ...

Nick finished up the chat by answering my question about whether he preferred Microsoft's new Kinect or Sony's Move set-up better. As expected, he was nothing but diplomatic. "Both platforms showcase the game in extraordinary ways. The only difference between the two platforms is that Playstation Move utilizes a handheld controller while Kinect does not have any remote -- the user controls the interface with their hand." How that might affect gameplay remains to be seen, but judging from his response, it doesn't appear to be an issue.

YooStar 2 is scheduled for a holiday 2010 release, so start practicing your lines. Once you're done, use the comments section to let YooStar know what you're hoping is on tap. You can also say hi to them on Twitter.
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